Flex fitness and recreation center in Hendersonville with address, contact number, photos, and maps. Visit Flex Fitness and Recreation Center at 1268 N Allen Rd Hendersonville NC 28792 USA.

Flex Fitness and Recreation Center in Hendersonville offers gym sports field personal trainer fitness program services with address, contact number, photos, and maps. See Flex Fitness and Recreation Center, Hendersonville, on Ninjadial.

All venue details are available on the website; It has different sections and membership details.

The training area includes 60-minute cardio sessions with experienced trainers. The staff helps the client to achieve the perfect form with the help of exercises adapted to the potential. The site has been running for four years and serves people. Do you plan to go there? So check out Flex Fitness and Recreation Center reviews to verify its authenticity.

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Key Features of the Flex Fitness and Recreation Center

  • You can receive the description via call or message; The staff there share all the details to let you know.
  • It offers weekly services to satisfy customers who only have weekends off.
  • The team shares new offers and updates on social media sites.
  • Membership option includes contracts and insurance policies.
  • It offers monthly, three-month, six-month, or annual payment methods to choose from.

Review by Flex Fitness and Recreation Center

Flex Fitness And Recreation Center

Several customers have shared their experiences on review platforms. It has mixed user reviews; Two different platforms show different ratings. One shares 4.8-star ratings, while the other only shows a 1-star rating.

The widespread positive feedback shows that the atmosphere there is satisfying, and the results of weight gain or loss are tremendous. Flex Fitness And Recreation Center Users also recommend that others use the place they claimed to have joined for the second time to get more outstanding results.

While negative reviews of the Flex Fitness and Leisure Center suggest that the staff is partial regarding looks, the swimming pool and other parts of the center are not hygienic. And also, You can check the shared information here.


Spending money on the body to get it fit and good is good. But it’s also important to ensure the venue is worth the money or just a waste.

Since the Flex Fitness and Recreation Center has mixed reviews, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to go. The facts and features are explained above, so do your research and read all customer reviews before making a final decision.

Game vs Flex Fitness

A flood of negative reviews for Flex Fitness have been post across multiple online platforms. A “public attention” alert popped up on Wednesday when visiting Flex Fitness’ Yelp page.

Flex fitness and recreation center  This company has received increased publicity lately, leading to an influx of people posting their opinions on this page. As such, we have temporarily disabled the ability to post here while we work to investigate the content,” the statement said. Alarm.

“While racism has no place on Yelp, and we unequivocally oppose racism or judgment in any form, all reviews on Yelp should reflect a real, first-hand consumer experience (even if that means disabling the ability for users to express assessments that we might agree with).”

Before they were deactivated, reviews were published from states like Illinois, California, Nevada, Texas and others. And also, Critics claimed the company owner was racist and urged people not to support Flex Fitness.

Hundreds of one-star Google reviews mentioning the encounter were also left for Flex Fitness.

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General Informations

Am I Allowed To Bring A Guest?

Flex fitness and recreation center  Current Lewis University students or members of the Student Recreation and Fitness Center can purchase Guest Passes for $5 one-time admission; There is a limit of two guests per student or member per day. The guest pass is valid for one-time entry to the facility; Guests are not permitted to leave the facility and return to it later. And also, Guest cards for single entry can be purchased at reception. Guests must board and disembark with their sponsor. Therefore, sponsoring student/member will be required to sign a form indicating that they accept responsibility for the actions of their people and will be referred to University Court for policy violation.

Who Can Purchase A Student Recreation And Fitness Center Membership?

Student Recreation and Fitness Centers members are available to parents/spouses of Lewis University students and University alums. People 55 and over can participate in the breakfast club. Flex Fitness And Recreation Center This group can only use the facilities in the morning when students are usually busy in class. A limited number of memberships (25) are also available for the outside community. These memberships are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and include a $75 initiation fee.

What is the policy for children/dependents under 15?

Children with a membership can only enter the establishment if they are accompanied at all times by a parent/legal guardian. Children are not permitted in the property’s fitness centre or weight area.

What is the policy for children/dependents aged 16-22?

Children in this age category have full access to the facility. Access is grant with a valid membership card.

What Are The Opening Hours Of The Establishment?

See the opening hours of the establishment.

What Are The Opening Hours Of The Swimming Pool?

See bath times.

Tin A Membership Be “Frozen” Or Suspended For some time?

Involvements can only be frozen for medical reasons. Flex fitness and recreation center Memberships are not suspend for holidays or summer months.

What Types Of Lockers Are There?

Daily key lockers are available to all members free of charge. A membership card or Lewis ID must be left with the receptionist as security. Lockers are for everyday use only. Flex Fitness And Recreation Center Therefore, university reserves the right to empty the entire contents of the lockers at the end of each working day. We encourage members not to bring valuables into the locker room.

What If I Forgot My Identity Card/Membership Card? Can I Still Enter The Facility?

No Proper identification is require to enter the facility, either a valid Lewis ID or membership card. And also, It is necessary to scan the installation. Flex fitness and recreation center It includes people entering the facility for sporting activities or academic courses. Students who have lost their ID must obtain a replacement ID from Campus Security before using the facility. And also, Members who have lost their membership card can purchase a new one for $5.

What Equipment Is Available For Departure?

A variety of equipment is free of charge for daily departures with Lewis ID: basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, badminton racquets, tennis racquets, ping-pong racquets, skipping ropes, training videos, gymnastics, and soccer balls. Equipment available in the pool includes kickboards, noodles, flippers, and paddles.

Are spectators allowed?

Spectators are permit to enter the facility to view scheduled activities such as intramurals or to accompany a child here for hire, such as a swim club workout. Those wishing to exercise during this time can pay a $5 guest fee or ask if outside memberships are available. And also, Spectator access does not grant permission for any person to use the facility, except for the spectator area over the pool or the fieldhouse.

Is babysitting available?

Unfortunately, we do not have facilities for this.

Are studios available for outdoor recreation?

The aerobics studio can be use for free recreation when no classes exist. However, individuals should wear soft-soled shoes and follow facility guidelines. In addition, the reception has a large number of exercise DVDs available at the checkout.

Fitness Programs And Services

Flex Fitness And Recreation Center

Do you have group exercises? What other courses are there?

Group lessons are free! Lessons are schedule weekly. Please see the available schedule.

Who can participate in the Intramural Sports Program?

Flex fitness and recreation center  All current students, faculty and staff with a valid Lewis University ID and Mi Leagues account are fit to participate in the Intramural Sports program. Mileages is a free online database specially design for intramural sports. Signing up is fast and easy. Once a student, faculty, or staff member creates an IMLeagues account, they have access to event schedules, standings, team registrations, and even personal stats! And also, No one is permitter to register for an event within Lewis University without an IMLEAGUES account. And also, To create an account, simply visit: