Relieve Your Lower Back: Exercises To Do At Home – Do you suffer from back pain regularly? Can’t identify what is causing this discomfort? At Snap Fitness, we want to help you end that discomfort with a series of exercises for the lower back at home.

In today’s society, we are used to living a rhythm that is often detrimental to our health—office work, for example, where a person can sit for more than eight hours. As the hours go by, the posture that adapts is wrong.

Even if you are a regular person who goes to your sports center, a bad practice such as abdominal exercises can cause damage to your back. For this aim, it is always good to have the assistance of an experienced professional.

The Best Lower Back Exercises To Do At Home

At Snap Fitness, we want to make it easy for you. We want to propose a series of exercises that you can easily combine with your weekly exercise routine. All of them are focused on strengthening your lower back.

Forget about your back pain!

For the following exercises that we propose, you do not need a lot of material, so it will be easy to carry them out in your own space.

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1 Half Bridge – Relieve Your Lower Back

Begin by deceitful on the mat with your arms stretched out alongside your body. As you bring your feet closer together, bend your knees until you create a 90-degree angle between your calves and your buttocks.

It would help to stretch your spine so that your torso and legs form a straight line – from your shoulders to your knees. Distribute the weight well and do not support everything to the cervical area.

2 Quadrupeds – Relieve Your Lower Back

Relieve Your Lower Back – For this exercise, you must stand on your mat, using the palms of your hands as support points -with your fingers well stretched and pointing forward- and your knees. Bring your shoulders to your hands and your knees up to your hips. You will have reached the starting position as you keep your head facing forward.

In the first movement, you must raise the opposite arm and leg until they are parallel to the ground, at body height. Hold on for a few seconds in that position and exercise the other components and legs.

If you have trouble getting your balance, we recommend that you fix your gaze on a point that is approximately two meters away. With practice, this will cease to be an inconvenience.

3 The Cat Posture

We move on to the Cat Posture to reduce the intensity a bit. Place yourself in the initial position with which you began the previous exercise, the Quadruped.

The movement is simple. As you lower your head until it is between your shoulders and, at the same time, curve your back towards the ceiling. You should raise your head and arch your lower back for the next step, bringing your back down.

Do not trust yourself; it is an easy practice, but you should not pay little attention to each movement.

4 Legs In Zigzag

Lie down on the mat again, but hands under your buttocks and your palms flat on the floor.

So with your legs fully stretched and without resting them on the ground, you must cross them, as the name of the exercise indicates. Try to get your knees to be approximately one on top of the other. Try to hold for a few seconds before changing your leg movement when you’re at that point.

5 Knees To Chest

But to end your day of lumbar exercises. It’s time to do an activity that helps you reduce possible discomfort caused by the effort made.

Lying face-up on the floor, bring both knees to your chest. Hug them and make small movements to the sides to hold the position. In less than half a miniature, you will be able to appreciate in the first person an improvement in status.