Spinning: Pros And Cons And How Should I Do It? – In recent decades, Spinning has had enormous success. This exercise that, performs with the help of a stationary bicycle is straightforward to achieve. Also, it is very motivating. Therefore, regardless of whether the user wants to lose weight, tone his body or even increase body mass, Spinning is one of the best sports practices.

What Is Spinning?

Spinning is a sports practice that is done collectively or in a group. It carries out using a stationary bicycle. It creates by Johnatan Golberg, who conceived the idea of ​​doing this sport in the form o.

According to Golberg’s original idea, the exercise takes place in a room where there are several “cyclists”, and one of them acts as a “leader or coach”. First, a music place allows everyone to achieve a physical activity full of intensity. Then, the leader sets the pace, which can be stepped up or slowed down for a few minutes.

Nowadays, Spinning can be done in gyms or even from home. In addition, exercise routines can follow through a monitor. Sure, this last case isn’t as motivating as the idea of ​​being with real people in the same room, but it still meets the definition of Johnatan Goldberg’s original idea.

How To Spin? – Spinning: Pros And Cons

The Spinning routine usually lasts an hour. However, it is of the most significant importance to spend a few minutes warming up. It is a recommendation that should follow before any exercise routine.

According to the FEDA (Spanish Federation of Directed Activities and Fitness), some recommendations must follow to do Spinning correctly.

Adjust the bike. It is necessary for the cyclist to feel comfortable throughout the training, which is why before starting, the saddle must be adjusted so that it is at hip height.

  • Footwear: The footwear should not be very thin since it can slip. Instead, the footwear should be rigid.
  • Posture: The correct posture is back stretched, looking forward and semiflexed arms. There should be no stiffness in the neck. Instead, you have to move it naturally. By the way, the shoulders and elbows should be distended (relaxed).
  • Knees: The knees should not feel pressure; the buttocks must fully support the saddle or seat. The knees should be slightly bent.

As far as possible, the exercise routine should follow the intensity of each movement. If the athlete feels short of breath and dizzy, he should not continue the passion. Of course, you have to take care of your cardiovascular health, so you should not exceed your limitations.

Advantages Of Spinning

There are many reasons why you should train in the Indoor Cycle. However, prominent trainers have pointed out spinning as one of the complete sports practices since it manages to work various body areas.

Improves Muscle Appearance

It estimates that the lower body looks better after the first workout. With Spinning, you can see results in the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings and triceps surae. These four muscle groups manage to tone and strengthen in a short time.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

The high-speed movement required to perform Spinning helps strengthen the heart. In addition, this constant pedalling affects general health. It estimate to improve heart rate and blood circulation, among other benefits.

Spinning is one of the cardio practices that help prevent heart disease and regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Burn Calories And Help Lose Weight – Spinning: Pros And Cons

This sport helps burn fat in a fun way. According to some studies, it estimates that just a one-hour session of Spinning can burn around 500 to 700 calories.

Of course. The calorie injury will depend on several factors, such weight of the athlete, as well as the intensity that follows the routine. However, it consider one of the most suitable exercises to lose weight.

Very Motivational Environment

Spinning in a group fosters a highly motivational “comradeship” environment. It helps to find friends with similar interests. In addition, it favours the achievement of sports goals faster.

No-Risk Of Injury

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It is a low-impact exercise, which reduces the risk of injury. This factor allows it to be available to all kinds of people, regardless of age.

Of course, it is always appropriate to consult with the doctor to have a general health check-up if this type of sports practice can carry out. However, it should note that the Spinning can level according to the needs of each user.

Disadvantages Of Spinning

Spinning also has some disadvantages. However, it is convenient to know them to determine if the type of training suits us best.

Low Back Pain – Spinning: Pros And Cons

Spinning can cause low back pain. Of course, this problem occurs when the patient does not adjust the saddle’s position well, which results in poor posture and, therefore, pain in the lower back.

Hand Pain – Spinning: Pros And Cons

When gripping the handlebars incorrectly, it is possible to experience pain in the hands. It should be well-known that it is not such a common condition. We recommend consulting a trainer or even a specialist if the problem persists.

Risk Of Rhabdomyolysis

This pathology causes muscle pain in the thighs. The Andalusian Journal of Medicine and Sport pointed out a study of “Rhabdomyolysis after spinning: a peculiar association”. Although it is a low condition, it is possible to develop it. In short, Spinning is a fun sport that helps maintain the figure, strengthen the lower body and affects general health. Consultation with experts is necessary to minimize the risk of problems. Its benefits for health are comprehensive, and it is worth adding it as one of the favourite sports practices.