How To Lose Weight: 5 Definitive Exercises – It is now final, you are ready to meet your next goal, and at Snap Fitness, we are here to help you. If you are determined to discover how to lose weight, you will need the most effective exercises.

To start your new challenge, you must have the necessary motivation to complete the entire process.

At first, it can be slightly complicated to get your body used to a level of exercise higher than usual, but at Snap Fitness, we assure you that when you have normalized it, your mind will be the one that asks you for that daily routine.

Tips To Lose Weight

Before starting with a specialized weight loss routine, we invite you to look at the following tips to incorporate into your day to day life. Far from the usual practice of exercises, you must pay special attention to the following points:

Dedicate The Necessary Time To Your Breakfast

Make sure that you start the day with a first meal that gives your body and mind the necessary energy. Try to eat healthy foods such as cereals, fruits and healthy proteins. Get ready to start the day with a different face.

Do Not Neglect Your Rest And Hydration

As we have already mentioned on other occasions, you must take great care of your rest and hydration levels. Both aspects are essential to give your body and mind what it needs to facilitate a speedy recovery.

Set Reasonable Goals

One of the keys to always having optimal motivation is to measure your purpose by actual phases. An example may be losing five kilos per month. Seeing it fulfilled, you won’t need help getting up the next day and still wanting to lose weight.

Find Out How To Lose Weight Fast

Once everything is clarified, we can begin selecting exercises with which you will be able to face your goal: lose weight quickly.

Jump Rope

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An easy exercise is one of the most complete to reach your goal.

Reps: Jump for a full minute and rest for half. Then repeat the series another four more times.


Another of our favourite exercises. It stands out for its wide applications and the physical demand it requires.

Repetitions: Complete three series with eight repetitions of the complete exercise each.

Lose Weight – Jumping Jacks

We lowered the level a bit with this exercise. You must open and close your legs while jumping up. To this movement, you so must add an extra. With your arms raised, you must accompany the opening of your legs with that of your arms. When you close your legs, you must bring your arms together, thus remaining perpendicular to the ground.

Reps: Complete three sets with ten reps each.

· Lose Weight – Bicycle

It would help if you got on a stationary bike from your sports centre. You can increase the intensity little by little, so you must consider how far you can go.

Repetitions: Being a coordination and resistance exercise, spend 15 minutes on this practice.

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· Squats

We end the day with the famous squads or squats. The important thing is to control each one of the movements to obtain the best possible result.

Reps: Perform three sets, each consisting of 10 squats.

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