Oenology: How to Choose the Right Wine? – At a dinner with colleagues, you may find yourself completely lost when you have to choose the wine. Indeed, choosing the right wine also means showing a certain courtesy towards your neighbor. So here are our few tips to never make a mistake about the choice of wine.

What Criteria should go Into Account for White Wine?

How to choose a white wine? First, you must learn to read a wine label to know what wine you are dealing with; then, you will learn more about its nature. Then you can trust the right people or through word of mouth. You will have to keep yourself open to the world of wine and assimilate any information that could be useful to you in your choice of wine. Finally, the best way to choose a wine is to taste, re-taste, repeatedly until you find the right one.

For lovers of dry white wines, we recommend that you choose our AOC Bordeaux Blanc. This dry and fruity white wine will be perfect for serving as an aperitif or a starter.

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How to Choose a Red Wine?

To select the faultless. In red wine, the best thing is to taste as many grape varieties as possible to find out which aromas you are more sensitive to or not. The perfect red wine is knowing how to find a good balance between acid, sugar, tannin and alcohol.

How can you choose a red wine? So, first of all, you should not trust the price. A high price is not necessarily synonymous with quality. You can find excellent red wines for around 5€ and pay for costly wine and be disappointed. To choose red wine, you can trust the big names like Saint-Emilio, Chablis or Sancerre etc. The vintage is essential in the choice of wine, so you must study the weather conditions of the year in question. Finally, the easiest way is to go directly to a specialist wine; you can very well find out from the tiny wine merchant in the area.

Depending on your taste in wine, you can choose to drink it young or decide on it. If you want to keep it to age it, you will have to choose a wine with high ageing potential. That is to say, a wine with structured tannins , a strong aroma intensity, and a wine with structure and substance. You can absolutely choose a St Emilio grand cru or a Pommard de Bourgogne.

For Lovers of Light Red Wine – Oenology Choose Right Wine

For lovers of light red wine, you should know that they come mainly from the northern part of France, where we find the most miniature sun. They can come from the Loire Valley, Alsace or Burgundy. Light red wines have softer tannins, less intense aromas, and relatively high acidity to keep the freshness in the mouth. We recommend light red wines like our Alsace Pinot Noir or Chignon.

As far as powerful red wines are concerned, you should know that these are full-bodied, expressive wines that come straight from sunny regions such as Bordeaux, the Rhône Valley or Languedoc-Roussillon. We find Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache among these powerful wines, perfect wines to accompany your red meats.