How to Play Scrabble? – Scrabble is undoubtedly one of the simplest games to learn, and its operation requires only a short learning time. However, what takes longer is to become a good Scrabble player. Like other board games such as chess, it is possible to play this game as a hobby online or at home, or even in official competition (there are licensees for this game). There are, thus, here and there, Scrabble clubs that allow you to improve your skills.

The Rules of the Game of Scrabble

As the ” baseline ” (an English word not accepted on the board) says on a Scrabble ® box, “Everyone has their say”. They are composed of four easels and 102 letters. With a cloth bag for the pickaxe and a board of 225 squares, the game plays and takes place between the different players, who can be from two to four, up to ‘when the pickaxe runs out.

The game’s goal is very humble: It is a question of accumulating the most points by forming intersecting words on the grid of 225 squares. Each of the letters drawn from the cloth bag has a different value ranging from 1 point to 10 (An E is worth 1 point because it is widespread in the French language, while a W is worth 10 points, for example). Note that there are also open letters in the draw pile that are not worth any points but make it possible to replace a missing letter to form a word.

The point value of the letters changes depending. On the placement on the grid. If on a “Double Count Letter” (color: sky blue), it will be worth 2 points. It will be worth three points if it is on the “triple account letter” (color: dark blue). The value of placed words can also change. If you add up the letters to define the number of points obtained, it is also possible to put the word on a “double count word” in pink or even on a “triple count word” in red. So take a score sheet to record the points of each player.

How to Play Scrabble

To determine who goes first, each player must draw a letter; whoever rolls the letter closest to A starts. Each player, clockwise, draws seven letters at random to start and places them on their easel. Out of sight of the other players.

The first player drawn places the first word on the panel in the center where the pink star is located (The word must contain at least two letters). He then draws the number of letters he has placed on the board (he must have seen on his easel), randomly again, from the fabric pocket.

The Player Announces the Number of Points Obtained

The Player Announces the Number of Points Obtained

The player announces the number of points obtained, noting his issues on the score sheet. Perpendicularly or parallel when possible, the next player places their found word. He can also add letters to an existing word (a plural or a feminine, for example) to pocket the points.

If he does not find a valid word, a Scrabble player has the option of passing his turn without scoring a point by replacing all the letters on his easel in the draw pile and again removing seven letters after shuffling. He then says, “I pass”. If everyone passes, the game ends, and the winner is determined by whoever has the most points.

A player can discard a few letters from their easel bypassing (and replace them with the same number by drawing from the cloth bag). Note that at least seven letters must be available again and for everything in this case.

When the deposit of a letter makes it possible to complete two words (by the crossing), the two words for the player, however, you cannot benefit twice from the blue boxes of additional valuations of letters and words (the pink and blue boxes).

If a player places his seven letters on the grid, he then declares “Scrabble and obtains, in addition to the points counted on the word, 50 additional points.

How do you know if a Word is Allowed or Not in Scrabble?

There is an official Scrabble book. It looks dictionary and is updated regularly to specify whether a word or not in the game. And there are surprises!

If a player asks a word, an opponent has the option to say, “I dispute”. We then refer to the Official Scrabble to check if the word is acceptable. Two cases then arise:

If the word is forbidden, the player takes the letters back and passes;

Doubt the disputed word exists, the person who said “I dispute” loses five points.

If you do not have the official Scrabble and play leisurely at home. We often admit using a dictionary to compensate. It is not valid in an official competition.

A Game of Fumble

A game of scrabble can last quite a long time in practice. It is, therefore, attractive to time each player when he must play. The time allowed in official competition for the entire game is thirty minutes per player.

Therefore, the game of Scrabble may end by exhaustion of a player’s time, by exhaustion of the bag of letters, and by blocking.

When the bag is empty while the player still has letters left. He sees his score reduced by the latter’s value. Therefore. It is profitable to exhaust the letters of the easel to avoid having penalties at the end of the game.