Kennedy Club Fitness is the only multi-location health club/gym on the Central Coast. Founded in 1981, we are privileged to be voted the 1 Health Club year after year, helping thousands of SLO County residents get strong, healthy, and fit. Our goal is to have “something” for “everyone”, including a solid weekly group exercise program (included with your membership), such as Strength and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Kennedy Club Fitness Aquatic pool complexes and programs including lap swimming, private and semi-private swimming lessons for all ages, spring and summer youth camps, pool parties and ‘family swim time’. Field sports like basketball, racquetball, squash, handball, wallyball, pickleball, volleyball and rock climbing make fitness fun for everyone! The region’s top certified personal trainers offer boot camps, personal training, and diet and nutritional counselling in private or small groups.

Aquatic Tower

With five beautiful pools and a huge variety of programs, the water is where you want to be! Swim laps, aqua aerobics lessons, lifeguard training, swimming lessons and more – for all ages! Kennedy Club Fitness

Bodyweight squats are a great exercise for training your lower body. Keeping your legs toned and strong is essential for everyday life walking, running, jumping with your kids, sitting, standing the list goes on. Check your form in a mirror from time to time to ensure you are performing this exercise correctly and safely.

1) As you squat, allow your body weight to shift toward your heels as you push your hips back.

2) Keep your knees behind your toes as far as possible.

3) Keep your chest up and your back in a neutral position.

4) Prevent yourself from falling forward while squatting. Remember, CHEST UP. Don’t look at your feet when you squat.

5) Ensure your toes, knees and hips are aligned at the top of the movement.

Personal Training

Change up your routine with one of our friendly, certified personal trainers. We help you stay motivated and in charge of your health and fitness with sessions and packages tailored to your availability, goals and budget

Kennedy Club Fitness A Variety Of Group Classes Each Week

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Kennedy Club Fitness They are included with your subscription at no additional cost! From energizing cardio, strength training and cycling classes to yoga, pilates, barre and everything in between!

Kennedy Club Fitness members say health clubs are an essential service

I am a 74-year-old female member of Kennedy Club Fitness in Paso Robles. In March, I was in the hospital, and when I got home, I was greeted with the Covid shutdown order. My family was worried about me, so they brought me food, sent care packages, and talked to me on the phone. It did not work! I am a social person, and I need to interact with others.

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I started to deteriorate and became very depressed. My doctor told me that I required to exercise. My granddaughter worked at Kennedy and told me about the water aerobics class. They were open, so I gave them a try. I met some great people my age and became part of a supportive and fun group.

I started enjoying my life again. And I started trying other classes: yoga, Pilates and Prime Time. My doctor is amazed at how much things have changed for me physically and mentally. I am happy and healthy! All classes, the people, and the instructors are very careful, and everything is sanitized after each class. We all wear masks and respect social distancing. And also, I haven’t heard from a single person in my group or the entire gym that has contracted Covid! Since March!

If the gym closes and I have nowhere to work out and especially nowhere to socialize with my friends, I’m lost! Let me repeat – not a single case of COVID in this gym since March! Do we want to shut down a place that keeps people healthy and happy during this terrible time?

Kennedy Club Fitness reopens all four locations

It’s been a very tough three months for everyone,” says owner Kevin Kennedy. “My wife, the Barb and I, along with our staff, appreciate the support of our members who are asking us to reopen as soon as possible.”

“Fitness is essential to our health,” he says. “While home training has always been with us, statistics show that most struggle to stay consistent and get results. Our members tell us they miss each other the most. They miss being inspired, motivated and supported by others, their “tribe” in the clubs. We took advantage of this closure to deep clean, repaint and prepare for this day when we welcome our members to our home.

We are looking forward to the reopening.

To see Kennedy Club Fitness’s COVID-19 response to guidelines required by SLO County, as well as details on hours of operation, services, amenities and more, go to newsletter/ to see the latest updates.

Pedagogical guidance

Most certifications include the same goal of success in the Kennedy Club fitness industry as the requirement for accreditation by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies. Nevertheless, pay attention to other focal points, such as specific exercise formats or online courses that fit your future career planning.

Kennedy Club Fitness Accreditation

Kennedy Club Fitness Corporate employers, including gyms and other fitness services, often require their trainers to be certified through a program recognized by the NCCA, the Distance Education Accreditation Commission, or the National Board of Fitness Examiners. Not all group fitness career paths require accredited certifications, but you should choose an organization that matches your long-term goals.

Fitness Business as Kennedy Club Fitness Call

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Despite improving COVID-19 conditions and a recent shift to red row, the City of San Luis Obispo and local businesses continue to grapple with the fallout from the city’s enforcement of state pandemic rules – which saw six companies face subpoenas totalling $26,000. have been charged.

The most cited of the six, Kennedy Club Fitness, lost its March 4 appeal of two subpoenas totalling $7,000 (it faces a $12,000 fine). The gym was cited six times between September 2020 and February 2021 for allowing indoor exercise while the county was in the state’s purple tier when such activity was banned.

Each alleged violation costs $1,000, according to the city’s COVID-19 emergency resolution. Kennedy could sue to challenge the decision in court. The gym’s managing partner, Brett Weaver, and his attorney, Jordan Cunningham, did not tell The New Times whether they would before press time.

In December 2020, Weaver launched a GoFundMe page titled Help Kennedy Club Fitness  Keep Our Community Healthy, which had raised over $17,500 at press time.

Kennedy isn’t the only local gym cited by the city during the pandemic. In August 2020, Club 24 became the first company in the city to be fine. The latest is SLO Yoga Center, which received $3,000 in January and February for providing indoor classes.

“We have been closed for more than nine months of the last 12, but for work reasons, we ran limite indoor classes for a few weeks while we were in purple class, Kennedy Club Fitness which result in multiple fines across the country. City,” said Stephanie Stackhouse, owner of SLO Yoga Center. in New Times.


Personal training -Group fitness including Barre, Yoga, Zumba, Power, Cycling and much more -Cardio and strength training with loaded plates, free weights, Nautilus -Outdoor 50-meter Olympic size swimming pool and swimming lessons -Aqua lessons, swimming lessons, Youth programs -Kidz Club -Executive locker rooms with steam room, whirlpool -K-Zone Body Recovery Centers

History Kennedy Club Fitness

Happy April, Kennedy Club Fitness! We are extremely excited about moving forward in 2021 and are beyond grateful for all the support. And also, We have received from our long-time members and new members. We are delight that you entrust us with your fitness.

Although life is always on the move, we can offer clean facilities, friendly staff, quality equipment and first-class group training classes with personal trainers. Take it all and add our K-Zone Recovery Center, and you’re rank as the #1 health club on the Central Coast. We are here for YOUR health and well-being. Let us walk alongside you on this journey to support, motivate and encourage you.

Kennedy Club Fitness February 16: The Hub

Kennedy Club Fitness 2021 is upon us, and we hope you all find some balance in life. The balance between healthy eating and a bit of luxury once in a while. A balance between at work from home and staying active. Balancing time spent with children and time for yourself. Finding this balance in life is not always easy, but it is necessary. And also, Try to allow yourself to find that place where mind and body truly come together, where you can feel peace, strength, and hope for what is to come.

November 20: Stay Strong For Our Community

So here we are on the Central Coast back to the purple level with our department with Covid-19. As a business, we will continue here at KCF as we have done for the past few months to be safe. And also, clean and supportive of our members by providing a place for health, wellness and exercise.

We consider Kennedy Club Fitness an essential business and hope you all agree with us. We are not only here for your physical health but also your mental health in a world where some things (like career changes. Therefore,  loss of a loved one. And the anxiety and emotions that the holiday season can bring to many of us) don’t stop us anymore.

We’re here for you, the happy, the tough, the real days. We have been serving our free for 40 years. Strengthening the mind and body, serving as an outlet for life’s daily stressors. And strengthening our immune system so that one day we will be ready to STAND STRONG for our community.