How To Make Travel A Lifestyle: 9 Foolproof Tips – Making travel a lifestyle is the motto of this blog, but what does it mean? Today, I discuss philosophy and lifestyle to inspire you in your daily life!

9 Foolproof Tips – Travel as a Lifestyle

We come across articles from magazines, newspapers, or even television programs that introduce us to frequent travelers. These people have remained on the road for many years. It said that they have traveled as a way of life. However, I do not entirely agree with this choice of words. I would rather say that they have a nomadic way of life which does not, in my opinion, equate to having travel as a way of life.

A nomadic lifestyle and travel as a lifestyle are two different things. I sincerely believe that you can say that you make traveling your way of life even if you are not on the road all the time, work 9 to 5 in an office, and take one or two trips a year.

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1. Learn About Other Countries and Cultures

To have travel as a lifestyle is to be curious and love to read about other cultures and other countries. We become followers of blogs, travel books, and guides to stay informed about what exists in terms of tourism and what is happening elsewhere in the world. It is to feed his appetite and his desire for elsewhere daily. We even inquire about destinations that we don’t intend to visit because it’s there. After all, we want to know more.

2. Loving the Unknown Even a Stone’s Throw From Home

Traveling as a lifestyle is to love leaving regardless of the destination. It’s a bit of a state of mind. It means you always want to explore and go somewhere you’ve never been before, and you’re just as excited to discover a new corner of your city as a country. 10,000 km from your home. The idea is to get somewhere. The destination is not the finality. Instead, everything comes from movement and displacement.

3. Fill Your Home with Travel Inspiration

A travel-focused lifestyle means you’re always looking for new little touches to add to your travel-related décor and everyday life. Your walls with maps. The books on travel in your library are well displayed, and the ones with the most beautiful images may be lying around on a coffee table in the living room or living room. There is a map on which you put pins to visualize the places you have been. Trinkets such as notebooks, coffee mugs, or pencils have something about travel. Memories of your wanderings dot the house or apartment. You even indulge in creating some travel-related DIY occasionally.

4. Listen to Music, Watch Movies, Read Travel Books

Music and films can only be inspired by it when our head and our heart breathe travel. Your phone contains a travel playlist, including songs that bring back memories of other places or make you feel like you’re traveling. You also tend to love movies whose story deals with the theme of travel and TV series in a country that you particularly like. Your reading is also strongly influenced by the articles on exodus, tourism, and wandering. You even subscribe to the newsletters of many sites such as Lonely Planet or Conde Nast Traveler.

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5. Communicate with People from Elsewhere

Traveling as a lifestyle makes you love chatting with people from all over the world on social media. On Instagram, you follow many hashtags and accounts related to tourism. On Twitter, you tend to follow people who claim wanderlust. Also, you keep in touch with the friendships created over the different routes you have taken, thus regularly receiving messages from the world’s four corners.

6. Create Routes – 9 Foolproof Tips

You non ever taken aback. You have options all the time. No matter the opportunities or the unexpected, you have plenty of travel options, short or long, that cross your mind. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, I had to cancel a trip planned for July, but it’s like I wasn’t off guard. Can’t I cross borders? No problem, I have plenty of other ideas of unknown places to discover in my province and country.

7. Have Some Travel Tattoos – 9 Foolproof Tips

What better way to integrate travel into your daily life than to have a reminder of travels tattooed on your body? A tattoo remains an imperishable memory of a place that marked you or a feeling that lived in you during a journey. Every time you expression at it, it evokes the exact moment, the same sense, becoming as powerful as a song.

Between two trips, you sometimes find yourself thinking about a new tattoo. We choose it by our past journeys, symbols representing a particular destination or a moment spent abroad, and travel anecdotes that make us feel good. We even draw a few sketches without necessarily taking action.

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8. Improvise Road Trips – 9 Foolproof Tips

Loving to travel is a way of life. Thus, improvising a road trip is stimulating as soon as the desire or opportunity arises. And when I say road trip, it can be a short half-day adventure. Just consult Google Maps, locate a road, a park, a path where we have never set foot, and go exploring.

9. Create Travel Playlists

Whether it’s songs that remind us of a past journey or people we met on the road, creating playlists related to travels keeps our minds in a travel lifestyle. I have also made several, whether it’s my top 10 songs on a journey or my playlist to mourn a love of travel. In addition, the blog’s toolkit contains a free downloadable road trip playlist.

Last Word

All these little tricks, and even more, I apply in my everyday life. It’s simply about taking your greatest passion (travel) and making room for it in all aspects of your daily life.