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Hair Extensions Write For Us

hair extensions

The ultimate guide to hair extensions.

With so many types, styles, qualities, uses, and textures, you might get lost thinking about how big the hair extensions industry has become.

Now, in our modern culture, everyone wears knit fabrics!

What bride doesn’t wear clip-in extensions or teens with the perfect prom-style sew-in extensions? Hair is more than special occasions, and extensions are here and now a part of everyday life for many women. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

If you want to identify everything about hair extensions, let’s talk about how it all started.

History of Hair Extensions

You may be wondering, “When did this crazy trend start?”

Let’s go back to the early Egyptians; That’s how it is!

The origin of hair extensions ages back to the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra. Cleopatra was the most desirable and beautiful woman in the world! The wigs may not have been the only reason, but we’re sure they helped. It is a historic fact that the first signal of weaving dates back to 3400 BC. It was engraved and used by the Egyptians. They took everything!

Many different materials constructed the full wigs and the sewn-in hairpieces, braids, and braids. Among them were human hair, camel hair and sheep’s wool. Hair and yarn were sometimes dyed and then bonded to the head with a combination of resin and beeswax.

Bright and vibrant colors like blue, gold and red remained the most popular. You would wear these colors against the traditional background of black hair.

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Hair Extensions

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