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Distance Education Write for Us

Distance Education (1)

Distance education , also known as EAD, or also called virtual education, is a digital teaching and learning model in which all processes are made from the available technological resources, being this a new alternative, it is important to assess the advantages and Disadvantages of distance education. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at contact@

For various reasons, virtual education is highly required not only by potential students, who are looking for other ways to learn more about topics they like, but also by teachers, who are looking for other ways to distribute their knowledge and generate income.

6 Tips to Improve Distance Education

To improve distance education here are some tips:

I- Teach Students How to Use the Platform.

You must show your students how to use the platform to get the most out of everything you have designed. And the elements that you have created for them. I know that you have done it with the passion that characterizes you.

It is suggest that students receive an introduction to the course. In this introduction, it must be apparent where the details of how the system works, how to navigate through the course, and that the school or institution is prepared to offer technical support are included.

II- Communication is Vital:

  • Think about the best way to communicate knowledge to students.
  • Students in online education tend to stay isolated, so it’s essential that you show an interest in being present.

You must be very careful with how you write things because they can lead to misunderstandings. It allows you to have other forms of communication. Of course,, it is in the schedule you establish.

III-Distance Education

  • Understand the anxiety processes that distance education brings. Distance education

is for us

  • It causes us stress because the internet fails us, the computer does not want to go up, is doing an update, etc. Well,, imagine how much more so for students who know they are


  • Be flexible with your rules, some of these rules we know cannot be negotiable, but with others,, we can be empathetic. We must understand each situation and evaluate each circumstance independently.


When there is no interactivity, the commitment on the part of the student’s decreases. Incorporate videoconferences, forums, chat groups, and everything that allows interaction between students. If you are present and attentive, the student will feel committed to continuing and complying with what is expect.

V- Provide Audiovisual Elements

Distance teaching limits the capacity for expression between teacher and student. To compensate for this limitation, it is convenient that you make use of visual elements, such as video or images, on the subject you are teaching; in this way, you will be able to offer study alternatives to your students so that they understand the syllabus.

VI- Evaluate Regularly

Here is the link to the article in that we talked about the importance of the evaluation process.

The regular assessment process helps keep each student connected to your class and prevent them from losing focus due to Distance; you should test them regularly. You can use pre-taken exams that are automatically corrected.

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For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at contact@

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Distance Education

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