Human to Human Marketing and the New Business Relationship Focused on Personal Values

Marketing B2B, B2B2C and Humanization

The humanization of B2B or B2B2C (industries) marketing has become a necessity for any business. Establishing interactions that show empathy and bring your brand closer to the audience is essential to building a good relationship and increasing the chances of closing deals.

Suppose your company tries to “push” your solutions without establishing human connections. In that case, your brand could make opportunistic or insensitive – and that, of course, can impact the future. Today, based on the growth of digital reality, business relationships between companies and their consumers have changed.

WHuman to Human Marketing and the new business relationship focused on personal valueshat Not to Do in Content Marketing (4)

Studies indicate the configurations of these new relationships of doing business with more straightforward and more personal processes. According to research by The Nielsen Company (2009) on values, trust and involvement with marketing, the opinion of other consumers and the referral of friends are highly efficient approaches. In this way, it is clear how humanized marketing stands out as an excellent tool if applied successfully.

What is Human to Human Marketing or H2H?

Human to Human Marketing (or H2H) marketing is done from person to person, and its approach is built on the trust of the relationship with the company’s customers in the long term. Much more than meeting and solving the needs of consumers or customers, the company needs to “take care” so that the relationship has a face, an owner, and a voice that appropriates the brand and makes it close enough to give the other trust.

How to Communicate in This Strategy?

Empathy: Being empathetic is putting yourself in your client’s shoes. This attitude lets him know that your brand understands him. This behavior can be a trigger for great deals to be closed and powerful connections to be made;

Human to Human Marketing and the new business relationship focused on personal valueshat Not to Do in Content Marketing (4)

Personality: Being personal is knowing who your customer is, their name, and their desires. It’s positioning your team with active listening, which is crucial to the success of this approach. People want to heard, and when that happens, the relationship will only get stronger;

Authenticity: To be authentic is to be transparent. It builds confidence in your persona and, therefore, the possibility of contracts being closed is high when the conversations are frank;

Inspiration: When communicating with your client, be inspiring. Relationships mature when there is inspiration, which goes far beyond doing something for people; it’s giving them something they can cling to and hold onto when obstacles arise

Build Relationships Instead of “Good Service”

In Human to Human or H2H Marketing, loyalty and long-term relationships win. Invest in relationship marketing actions and follow the customer’s trajectory. In other words, H2H strives for more human relationships between companies and their customers. It is possible to gain customer loyalty and develop more personalized and empathetic prospecting and contact actions for each customer segment of the company. Remember: high touch is the new high tech. The human touch prevails in new business relationships; after all, it is by talking that we convert!