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Engagement Ring vs Wedding Band. What is the difference?

The engagement ring, also known as an engagement ring, is a ring that indicates that the person wearing it is engaged to be married, especially in Western cultures. A ring is given as an engagement gift by a couple to their future spouse upon proposing or immediately after a marriage proposal has been accepted.

An engagement ring is not given at the same time as the wedding band

engagement ring is most often given upon the event of a proposal And or soon after a couple has decided to become engaged. A wedding ring (also called a wedding band) is usually traded at the wedding ceremony as the official symbol of the marriage union.

An engagement ring does not look like a wedding band

Traditionally, an engagement ring features a centre stone (usually a diamond) as the primary focus. The ring can then be adorned with other diamonds or left plain.

In most cases, wedding rings don’t feature any diamonds or gems. A wedding band is usually a more superficial ring made of plain gold. However, Eternity rings – nothing but a wedding band covered in diamonds – are a prevalent choice for wedding rings amongst women.

The pros of owning a wedding band

  • The wedding ring can be worn instead of the engagement ring: An engagement ring, especially with a bigger centre stone, can be inconvenient to wear at times, depending on one’s job or daily tasks. The wedding band, more straightforward by design, is sometimes easier to wear, and it is not special for a woman to put her engagement ring in the safe and wear her wedding band only.
  • Both partners can have the same wedding ring: most couples enjoy having the same wedding band as a symbol of their love, which cannot be achieve if the spouse only wears the engagement ring.
  • Two rings for two different meanings! The engagement ring represents the day her significant other ask her to marry, while the wedding band the one given on the marriage. It is not unusual for women to enjoy having each ring have a special meaning.
  • The beauty of a stack! It cannot done if only one round worn! Some women enjoy stacking rings on top of one another.

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