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Construction Equipment write for us for the building is complex. If you were there, on the construction site, you understand. Not only do you have to have attitude and understand how to lead a team of wise craftsmen, masons, and specialists, but you also provide -at least know- the necessary and correct instruments so that they can perform each task in the best possible way. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

It may be that the construction knowledge acquired in your university career on this aspect is minimal until you have a few works on top. Still, we assure you that recognizing the tools available on the market will not only allow you to save money but also speed up the construction process and reduce costs—physical efforts, which brings significant advantages.

On this occasion, we present an overview of the equipment, tools, and machinery most used.

Tools Used to Make Measurements and Checks

Measuring tape

Even if you only think of a graduated tape, it has features that make it more useful for construction: the opening in the metal piece works as an anchor for nails and screws; the displacement of this same piece allows an exact measurement when it is use as a hook or butt; the serrated end serves to make measurement marks on the materials; on the plastic base there is a number that indicates its length, helping to avoid the need to bend the tape.


  • It provides Plumb
  • The conical metal piece that drooped from a string to verify the verticality of a surface.
  • Save this image to your favorite precise measurements, mainly outside diameters, inside diameters, or depths.

Manual tools

Resistant utensils to perform mechanical work using physical force.


Metal bar attached to a handle for (un)screwing. The tip must adapt to the screw, so we find different types, such as flat, star (Phillips), and hexagonal (Allen), among others.


Used to hit directly or indirect, it is us to nail, wedge and break. It vary depending on the type of work, such as a claw hammer (to drive in and extract nails), a ball-peen hammer (to concentrate the blows), mallets (more prominent in size and heavier), and soft mallets (made of plastic or rubber, so as not to damage sheet metal).7.7 for placing ceramic or wooden pieces).

Hand Drill

It has a drill or wick that, when turning at high speed, allow perforation   made in the materials. The types of drill bits have variations in their tip depending on the material, we generally find drill bits for concrete and masonry, drill bits for metal, and drill bits for wood.

Pneumatic Hammer

They are used to demolish or make holes in different types of constructions. In general,, there are three types: hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric. They are usually mounton heavy machinery for demolition work.

Small Front Loader / BobCat

Known Impact machines with excellent manoeuvrability, which allow handling different loads. The exciting thing is that they enable quick-assembly interchangeable attachments: pneumatic hammers, forks, and excavators, among others.


It is a removable metal structure designed to transport large loads of materials in high-rise construction. They are mainly classifiy as fixed (for example, built-in) and mobile.

We clarify that what is presentin this article is auxiliary information on construction equipment. All considerations for its use must always consider the specific characteristics of each tool, equipment, instrument, or machinery and must be use by trained people according to the decisions made by architects and professionals in the area.

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Why to Write For Marketing Business Web?

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Construction Equipment Write For Us

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