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Network Automation Write for us

Network automation automates the planning, deployment, operations, and optimization of networks and their services. At the basic level, network automation solutions transfer the manual tasks and processes performed at each point of the network lifecycle to software applications that can complete them in a repeatable and reliable manner. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

In the era of 5G and the cloud, automation becomes essential to manage converged IP service fabrics at scale. Automation reduces human error, the most common cause of network performance degradation and downtime, making automated networks more reliable. Service providers and large enterprises can also use automation to reduce time to market, improve customer service experience, and meet growing demands for scalability with simplified network operations. The result is increased network efficiency, availability and consistency at all levels.

How Is AI Used In Network Automation?

AI is used for automated data collection and normalization across domains and network providers, intelligent root cause analysis, and alerts for potential performance degradation or equipment malfunction. It is beneficial for understanding anomalies affecting customer services, often allowing issues to be resolved before users are affected.

How Is Network Programmability Different From Network Automation?

To take advantage of automation, networks must become programmable by supporting new configuration methods such as NETCONF/YANG. A modern cloud-native platform that offers low-code workflow automation and REST APIs will enable organizations to automate processes such as network planning, configuration, compliance verification, activation of services, quality checking, performance monitoring, route calculation, and closed-loop correction to improve network efficiency and service performance.

What Network Automation Solutions Does Juniper Offer?

Juniper Paragon Automation’s The cloud-native application suite automates and manages the entire lifecycle of your network services. Presented to run on-premises or in the cloud as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, Paragon Automation helps you automatically plan, orchestrate, secure, and optimize your network services.

The Future Of Network Automation

Going forward, Future Networks will be able to achieve the following goals:

  • AI and ML powered networks that can learn the intent of network behaviors, offer predictive analytics, and provide recommendations/remedies.
  • Implement automatic service placement and service movement.
  • Use advanced polling technology to actively monitor service assurance and adjust traffic flows based on service requirements
  • Provide specific updates based on configured services
  • Operate autonomously, with active monitoring and reporting to network operators to ensure network performance and behaviors remain aligned with business objectives.

The path to an autonomous network is based on telemetry, automation, machine learning, and declarative-intent programming. This future net is called the Self-Driving Network, an self-governing network, predictive and adaptable to its environment.

To be effective, automation must break down traditional silos to address all elements of network infrastructure, equipment, and operations support systems. Juniper Networks offers simplified network architectures as essential components for simplified global IT operations. Designed with a flexible and open standards-based framework, Juniper Networks tools and strategies help network operators by enabling automation throughout the operations lifecycle, from network provisioning to management and deployment. Orchestration.

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