What Happened to Hector on Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet – Hector Martinez is one of the leading figures of the PPI center. He works directly under the veterinary clinic’s founder, Dr. Jeff Young. Not only is Hector a veterinarian in his own right, but his experience also extends to computers, construction and public relations. It is to him that the clinic turns when a computer problem needs to be resolved. Additionally, he is also a resident conflict mediator at the clinic where he works. This is what happened to Hector at Dr. Jeff’s Rocky Mountain Vet.

Hector Martinez is a television personality and the right-hand man of Dr. Jeffrey Young. In addition to being a veterinary assistant, Héctor has other tasks and functions at the clinic.

For example, Hector Martinez tends to supervise construction work whenever something needs to be done downtown. In addition to this, Hector also has public relations duties, meaning it is his responsibility to improve the public image of Planned Pethood Plus.

Currently, some reports claim that Hector left Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet. If so, where is it now?

Who is Hector Martinez?

Hector Martinez is a reality TV star on Animal Planet’s Rocky Mountain Vet. Fans of the popular series will know exactly who Héctor is, as he frequently accompanies Jeff on house calls.

As we study Martinez’s history, we discover that he was born in Mexico, where he stayed for two years before his family moved to Colorado.

Therefore, Hector Martinez will grow up in the United States. He and Dr. Jeff met while the former was still a high school student.

Before becoming a television personality, Jeff was active in community outreach programs. One program involved mentoring promising student athletes, one of whom turned out to be the Hector Martinez. So, the two quickly established a close bond, further highlighted by Jeff’s decision to buy her a new shoes.

Hector came from a low-income background, so his parents couldn’t afford to buy him the running shoes he needed to compete. Their working relationship continued to blossom after high school, and Jeff offered Hector a position at Planned Pethood Plus.

However, before joining the mobile clinic, Hector decided to gain some experience working for various non-profit organizations.

He officially joined PPI in 2001, starting as an assistant to Dr. Jeff. Two decades later, Hector is now clinical director of PPI.

Nationality and Family.

Examining Hector Martinez biography, we discover that he is originally from Mexico. His family would not move to the United States until Hector was two years old. This means that Hector Martinez has dual nationality. It’s both Mexican and American. Apart from this, Hector is also a married man. He is currently engaged to a woman named Silvia Martinez. The two have a 15-year-old daughter, Daphne, who accompanied Hector on some home visits from time to time. Additionally, Hector Martinez and his family have three dogs: Wokie, Samurai and Ceasar.

What happened to Hector on Dr. Jeff’s Rocky Mountain Vet?

What happened to Hector on Dr. Jeff’s Rocky Mountain Vet?

Hector’s last appearance at Rocky Mountain Vet was in October 2020. During the episode, he and Dr. Jeff tackled a particularly interesting case. They handled a case involving several fainted goats.

Since then, fans have been wondering if Hector has left the PPI Center. However, a look at the clinic’s official website reveals that Hector is still listed as an active employee of the clinic.

Where is Hector Martinez from Dr. Jeff’s Rocky Mountain Vet at Present?

At the time, it was rumored that he desired to take some time to be with his family and his adorable dogs.

However, that doesn’t mean he quit his job at Planned Pethood Plus. No, Hector is still center director and veterinary technician. Her relationship with Dr. Jeff also remains intact.

After several years of touring with Dr. Jeff, Hector of Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet finally decided to take a break from television. Indeed, his work often prevented him from spending as much time as he would have liked with his wife and daughter.