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Electric Bikes Write For Us

electric bikes

Electric bikes have powerful motors and batteries, as well as wide tires and quality lighting. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

There are many models of electric bikes. In this review, we include our favorite models from each type. However, if you know what type of e-bike you want, we have more complete information in our category-specific reviews. We were tested the best electric commuter bikes for getting around town, the best electric cargo bikes, the best folding electric bikes and the top-rated electric bikes for those looking for a more affordable option, and the best electric mountain bikes. to hit the trails. If you want a motorless bike, check out our other bike reviews.

Many types of Electric Bikes and Batteries?

Yes, there are three common types of ebike battery companies use and they are lithium-ion, nickel, and lead batteries. Below, you can find detailed differences and which one is best.

Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used for electric bikes for sale since they are optimal for up to 1000 charge cycles before having to replace them. As the technology evolved, new lithium-ion batteries have appeared, with phosphate, making them safer and more durable compared to other softail electric bike batteries.

As for nickel batteries, they are similar to the ones mentioned but are prone to discharging themselves more than others. On average, they can survive 500 charge cycles before one has to replace them, which is half the amount of lithium batteries.

Finally, lead batteries are known for being very old since they were used for the first softail electric bike models. When you buy a new bike, these batteries are not available anymore due to their short lifespan, which is only 300 charges.

Choosing a quality battery is essential for your quality e-Mtb or softail ebike, but also you should have in mind that other factors play a big role in this too, like the quality of the materials used by the company and more.

Looking After Your SUV Ebike and its Battery

After explaining external factors that can make your battery last longer or shorter, we want to give you the best tips for taking care of your SUV ebike’s batteries.

  1. Don’t leave your bike outside since humidity and temperature can harm the battery’s lifespan.
  2. Pay attention to your battery’s temperature, and if you notice it’s heating up, let it cool down before charging it.
  3. Use only the charger that came with your ebike because it is made specifically for it.
  4. Similar to phone batteries, don’t let your softail electric mountain bike or common ebike get to 0% charge, but rather charge it when it has about 50%.
  5. When you notice your ebike has been charged fully, unplug it to avoid overcharging it.
  6. Take your ebike’s battery out if you know you won’t be using it for a while.
  7. Don’t clean your battery with anything wet since it can lead to damage, use a dry towel.

About Before Buying An SUV Ebike

In this post, we shared key information about SUV ebikes, their composition, design, and more.

If you’re thinking about purchasing an SUV ebike, there are a few things we recommend you have in mind.

To begin, determine if the model will be a good fit for your lifestyle, usage, and residence zone. You wouldn’t want to buy an ebike that will end up not being used and stored in your garage.

Next, analyze the pros and cons of an SUV ebike. Some we mentioned in the article like the battery lifespan, costs, and more.Finally, think about how you’re going to look after your bike. Things like leaving your bike inside, unplugging the charger when it is done charging, cleaning your ebike, etc are very important for your bike’s maintenance. For more details about ebike maintenance, you could check out our blog.

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For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

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