Should I Change the Cleaning at Home Because of the Quarantine? – Routine is more important than ever, but it needs to be adapted

The rush of a life full of tasks due to social isolation. But anyone who thinks that responsibilities at home have ceased due to this doesn’t seem right.

They increased. Many press vehicles recorded the surprise of families who, upon arriving home, were faced with the routines of cleaning, clothes, and cleaning and discovered how hard it could be.

How about using creativity and common sense to help solve these and other barriers? Let’s go together! MetLife has gathered some basic tips that range from safety in disinfecting cleaning products to empathy with those who depend on this type of work to survive.

First, Hand Protection and Cleaning of the Items Themselves

The cleaning routine in your home is essential for your whole family’s well-being and to protect everyone in this particular moment. As a result, some procedures you have always done need to undergo minor changes. What was previously done with some haste and in the most agile way possible needs to rely on good protection practices?

For example, start by protecting your hands with cleaning gloves – easily found in supermarkets. It will help prevent cleaning products from harming the thinner skin of your hands and

It is worth remembering that, when buying new cleaning products, you must clean them with alcohol gel or anti-bacterial products.

Collaboration of All: Why Not? – Quarantine

With everyone at home, more things to be out of place and in less time. But it’s not just the cleaning method that changes: the way everyone helps also has to adapt.  Fold the family in the living room and assign tasks and responsibilities so that your home works as a great collaborative team: the role of one helps in the part of another, and everyone gains more time collectively.

It’s worth putting up signs with notices around the house (“Dirty, washed”; “Disarranged, organize”), keeping a board for the little ones to keep track of their tasks and exchange them for little gifts on the weekend and any creative approach to keeping the mood up. , as far as possible, light.

Diarists: Time is For Empathy – Quarantine

The critical point is that with the routines of social isolation, day laborer’s lost their sources of income. We are all going through sacrifices, whether material or psychological, and it is time to exercise one of the noblest human feelings, empathy.

Therefore, it is quite a gesture within your means to try to keep a minimum of income for this workforce. Think about it! A good conversation can resolve this impasse in a positive way and ensure that we all get through this together.

Tips for Using Chemical Disinfectants Safely

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  • Always follow the directions on the cleaning and disinfection products label to ensure safe and active use. You may need to wear personal protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, or glasses, depending on the directions on the product label.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation (for example, open windows and run fans).
  • Use only the quantity recommended on the label.
  • If diluting with water designated, use water at room temperature (unless stated otherwise on the label).
  • Label diluted cleaning or disinfectant solutions.
  • Store and use substances out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Prepare non-mix crops or chemicals.
  • Try not to eat, drink, inhale, or infuse cleaning and sterilization items into your body or apply them straightforwardly to your skin, as they can truly hurt.
  • Try not to wipe or wash individuals or pets with surface cleaning and sanitization items.