Buying women’s perfumes can be a bit tricky. Unlike buying clothes, where you simply have to first look at the style and the fit, buying perfumes for women requires a bit more consideration since you have to not only get the scent and fragrance right, but you have to consider whether it’s the preferred style, or which message the perfume should communicate to anyone who can smell it. These considerations become even more difficult when rushing to make a purchase, and therefore, this guide will show you the most critical factors to consider before making your purchase.

Picking The Right Fragrance

People have different fragrances which they prefer and this is because scents are attached to memories and certain scents become ingrained almost permanently in our psyches. Therefore, picking the right fragrance will have a positive effect on your mood, and how you feel throughout the day. A wrong perfume choice will have a negative impact on your self esteem and mood. You can also choose a fragrance based on the kind of event you plan on having. A citrus scent is great for outdoor and active lifestyles, whereas a warmer, vanilla scent is ideal for indoor romantic setting. There are hundreds more different fragrances you can choose from and that’s why it’s important to take you time before settling on your signature scent.

Start with a Small Perfume bottle

Most perfumes come in either 50ml or 100ml bottles. However, if you are starting out on a new fragrance, then it makes more sense going for a smaller bottle of about 10ml. There are several advantages for this and the first is that you don’t need to commit to  larger bottle for a fragrance which you might grow to not like. This consideration is key especially when shopping for women’s perfume since women tend to undergo hormonal changes which affect how they perceive scents and smells. Secondly, smaller bottle are ideal if you want to apply different fragrances and especially when you are travelling. You don’t want to travel with one large fragrance only to realize your new environment would do well with a different scent.

Picking the Right Women’s perfume for Formal Events

Floral scents are great for formal events since they tend to remain fresh for much longer and are not overwhelming. Floral scents also have the same structure and notes as some woody scents and you won’t have to worry about being taken less serious. However, if you love citrus scents, you can pair them with deeper, stronger notes such as vanilla or jasmine.


You can find really great deals online or when window shopping and the best women’s perfumes always have testers especially when they have just launched. Try to test out as many fragrances as you can, but you should refrain from testing too many fragrances within a short period. Olfactory overload can make you lose your sense of smell and this will definitely affect your mood and make you miss out on a great scent.