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field service management

What is field service software?

field service software write for us If you’ve ever waited for a representative to show up from 12 pm to 6 pm, you identify the importance of a good system. The mobile field service software category helps companies plan and track field service deployments. For sales reps, it provides schedules, routes, customer information, and information about needed consumables and parts. Managers can schedule agents and external resources, track client history, and manage work orders.

The primary functions include:

  • Incident Tickets
  • Repair Center
  • Order management
  • SLA compliance monitoring
  • Resource planning
  • Division
  • Route planning
  • Parts inventory management
  • Contract Management
  • Partner management
  • Forecasts and reports

Advanced field service solutions include mobile support, error analysis, RMA administration, voice-generated customer appointment reminders, and project management.

In the customer care spectrum, these systems extend to helpdesk (HD) systems and overlap with customer care systems. HD systems offer applications for trouble ticketing and targeted problem-solving but do not offer field-related functions. Customer support systems can provide inventory planning and management or be integrated into a complete system. Some solutions focus exclusively on one process, such as service dispatch software.

Businesses requiring a more sophisticated maintenance management system with equipment and preventative maintenance features should check out our CMMS Buyers Guides.

What type of buyer are you?

Before you start researching, you need to assess what type of buyer you are. We believe that at least 90% of buyers fall into one of the following categories:

Direct buyer. These buyers work for companies that maintain their entity. They have simple needs that are supported by a variety of providers.

Contract buyer. These buyers work for companies that subcontract work. These buyers have specific needs for routing work requests, tracking order fulfilment, and tracking customer satisfaction.

Corporate Buyer. These buyers work for large organizations. These buyers may have multiple fleets and value information integration between units and the customer service organization.

Small business buyers. Going beyond Microsoft Outlook, spreadsheets, whiteboards, and sticky notes, these small business buyers want to add FSM functionality to schedule orders and track customer satisfaction.

Buyer View field service software report

Each year, Software Advice surveys hundreds of field service software buyers, giving us unprecedented insight into their motivation to invest in new technology. Newly, we analyzed a random sample of these connections with companies evaluating field service systems to discover the following trends. Click here for the full report.

Benefits and Potential Problems

Reduce Scheduling Costs One of the most significant cost factors is the actual scheduling of calls. Manual systems had to leave large “windows” for appointments and allow enough time between scheduled stops. These systems can plan meetings more closely and shorten travel times through intelligent routing.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction Systems can increase customer satisfaction in three ways. First, they can provide more accurate arrival times for technicians. Second, they can predict what tools and parts an employee will need. Third, they can allow the customer to choose the date that works best for them.

Reduce part inventory costs. Systems can analyze history files to expect which parts will fail and when. Businesses can use this information to manage parts inventory and reduce costs more accurately.

Reduce fuel costs. Intelligent route development is a feature of most systems. It calculates the most efficient path for sales reps

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