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Electronic Shelf Labels Write for us

Electronic Shelf Labels write or have been featured in retail stores since the 1990s. They were first introduced to allow automated price changes at the shelf edge and allow associates to spend more time with shoppers in Europe. The first generation of ESL screens was segmented like a Casio Digital Watch, which displayed only numbers, single letters, or symbols. But with the advancement of retail techniques, ESLs have undergone a tremendous transformation to better fit with the times. For Submitting Your Articles, you can email us at

Why should marketers invest in modern ESLs?

Almost every ESL, no matter how old or new has the advantage of being able to change prices automatically and remotely. The technology allows retailers to roll our new prices and promotional offers to all products in-store. Besides this fascinating feature, newer ESLs have added advantages such as the following.

It reduces labor requirements

ESLs allow prices to be changed digitally, requiring no assistance from staff on the shop floor. This also allows quicker order picking and restocking, using LED lights to guide staff to the correct products.

Optimization of margins

ESLs allow prices on one or all products to be changed as frequently as required, allowing for an agile pricing strategy. This assists retailers to keep their margins consistent against wholesale price changes and fluctuations in currencies. Also, price drops for perishable items can help optimize sales.

Product Marketing

ESLs allow retailers to show ratings and reviews on the label screen, which in turn increases sales conversions in-store. The use of QR codes can direct customers easily to product specs, user guides, and product comparisons. QR codes have advantages for consumers; as they can allow them to save a product to a wish list to review and purchase later on.

Helps in promotions

ESLs make use of backend data, which is synchronized with the shelf edge, rendering product prices to be accurate. Operators can achieve this via system integration and automated software packages. This allows for the creation of a true Omni channel strategy.

Improves customer experience

QR codes on ESLs can provide customers access to more product information, leading to an innovative and functional in-store experience. Not only can it  use to guide customers to products, but it also frees up staff so that they can give advice to customers.

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