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Vitamin D: Understand How It Improves

Vitamin D_ Understand How It Improves Some of the Main Functions of the Human Body

Vitamin D: Understand How It Improves Some of the Main Functions of the Human Body – Responsible for strengthening bones, muscles and the immune system, the vitamin is essential for a healthier life.

Maintaining a balanced diet and capable of delivering all the vitamins we need, with everyday life increasingly accelerated, requires a lot of planning.

This rush and the lack of time to put this need into practice often makes the option for processed foods or a quick snack end up being our haven.

However, we need to keep an eye on the importance of the need to consume vitamins relevant to the proper functioning of the body, such as vitamin D, for example, an element that benefits muscles, bones, and the immune system.

With this need in focus, the MetLife team listed some of the most critical points in vitamin D production and how to make the best use. Come with us!

Where to Find Vitamin D

Vitamin D is activated in the body through exposure to sunlight, and this is the most practical and effective way to supply the high consumption of this element. However, fatty fish, cod liver oil, dried mushrooms, milk, eggs and beef liver can also help.

Benefits for the Immune System

The immune system benefits directly from vitamin D. The cells that make up the system have receptors for the vitamin responsible for strengthening our body’s defense system.

Benefits for the Functioning of the Heart

Vitamin D also benefits the heart directly. When receiving the necessary amounts to stay healthy. The body manages to work so that there is no accumulation of calcium in the arteries. Something that helps in its better functioning and the prevention of problems such as heart failure, stroke, and heart attack.

Healthy Pregnancy and Prevention of Miscarriages

Sustaining vitamin D levels in the body is significant for pregnant women. Several studies point to the lack of vitamins as one of the main factors for miscarriages in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Improved Muscle Strength and Physical Performance

Vitamin D is a crucial element for maintaining muscle strength. It happens because it acts directly on muscle metabolism, ensuring better muscle synthesis and recovery after physical exercise.

Still, in conjunction with the maintenance and increase of muscle strength. Other studies also point out that vitamin D is also related to increased aerobic capacity. Further enhancing the performance of exercises.

Cancer Prevention

Recent studies have pointed to as an essential weapon in preventing various types of cancer. It happens thanks to its action in the process of cell differentiation, preventing the appearance of cancer cells.

And, of course, together with a balanced diet. It is essential to have a team that is always attentive to what we need to maintain a healthy and productive life, and MetLife. Through its various care tools, is always a good option.

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