A time zone is an area that maintains a unified standard of time for legal, business, and social purposes. Time zones tend to follow the borders between countries and their subdivisions rather than strictly longitude, as it is convenient for areas of regular communication to keep the same time.

All time zones are clear as offsets from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) range from UTC−12:00 to UTC+14:00. Balances are usually a whole number of hours. Still, some areas will be off by an additional 30 or 45 minutes, e.g. B. India, South Australia and Nepal.

Some regions at higher latitudes use daylight saving time for about half the year, typically adding an hour to local time in spring and summer.

What Is The Time Zone?

US Time Zones

A time zone is an area where a uniform standard time spread over for legal, financial and social reasons. Standard time zones are 15 degrees longitude wide.

Earth. A time zone is perfectly one of 24 spherical montages (a north-south section of the globe) of equal latitude (15 degrees), each associated with one of the 24 hours together. They form a day and a revolution).

A uniform standard time is generally observed in each section to follow the day and night cycle. Time Zone Map United States It means that people in all geographic regions of a time zone use the same time.

All these zones are defined by an equipoise from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC; see below) of a certain number of hours (UTC−12 to UTC+14), which is located on the prime highpoint (0°; since 1884 the meridian of Greenwich is centred.

The current use of time zones follows the borders of countries and their subdivisions rather than standard parallels due to the convenience of keeping the same time in neighbouring economic or political areas. For example, most of Alaska uses Alaskan Time, which includes three typical time zones. The state hand-me-down two time zones until 1983, when it located the capital, Juneau, in the same time zone as the more populated Anchorage and Fairbanks.

China has four time zones but only uses one. The time change between Bangkok, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is one 60 minutes, even though the two capitals share almost the exact longitude.

US Time Zones

The time zone map under shows the six time zones of the United States, and many clocks show the genuine time in the different time zones.

United States Summer Time

In the United States, daylight saving starts at 2 a.m. on the following Sunday in March and tops at 2 a.m. M. the first Sunday in November. Time Zone Map United States Two states that do not observe day saving time are Arizona and Hawaii.

Accuracy Of The Time Zone Map

All time changes in the world are mechanically taken into account and displayed in present as soon as you reload the page. Future changes are usually added to our database before they take effect so the map exactly reproduces the present situation.

Gratify note that the Time Zone Map United States is not a party-political map but a time zone map screening the time zone limits.

How To Use The Card

Search for any city in the search box and place a black pin next to that city on the map. You can add as many pins as you want. Placing more than one pin will add an additional row of information below the map with links to the pages for those cities.

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Hover your mouse over one of the red dots to see the city and country name and the current local time.

DST is displayed if daylight saving time is in effect at that time.

Snap on any red dot and go to that city’s sheet with time, weather, sunrise and sunset, moon phases and more.

 Hover over the map to highlight time zones.

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Find the current time difference (displayed in whole hours only) compared to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on the map below. UTC offsets in diagonally dotted areas are not total hours.

Learn More About Time Zone Map United States

time zone map united states (2)

One of the driving forces overdue the development of time zones was the increased use of faster styles of transportation in the late 19th and early 20th periods. In the UTime Zone Map United States  much of the national railroad system was completed in 1900.

The earth is known to be a sphere that is complete with light and heat by the sun. Due to the spherical shape of the world, the sun’s rays are strongest at the place closest to the sun.

According to an old tradition, it is noon or midday when the sun is highest on earth.

Since the earth replaces on its axis, it is not noon in other parts of the world either, but morning, evening, or night.

Before the industrial revolution, sowing, fertilizing, and harvesting was important when life was shaped by agriculture and crafts.

With advances in technology and science and the moving of the world with faster and faster means of transport, such as steamboats and railroads, people began to think about how to solve the problem of time.

Time Zone Map United States  are a modern invention. Before standard time zones were created, each place had its own time. With the spread of the telecommunication and the construction of railway networks in the 19th and early 20th times, communication and travel took on new dimensions – and new problems. Due to the lack of timetable standardization, it was challenging to coordinate the train timetables on the primarily single-track routes; a signal at the wrong time possibly will lead to fatal impacts.

United States Time Zone Map

The four main time sectors in the United Statuses are Eastern Standard Time (EST), Central Standard Time (CST), And also, Mountain Average Time (MST), and Pacific Average Time (PST). ). Still, the United States actually has six standard time zones. The other two are; Alaska Standard Time (AKST) and Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST). View the live US time zone map below.

Eastern Standard Time Zone

Connecticut (CT) New Jersey (NJ) Vermont (VT)
Delaware (DE) New York (NY) Virginia (VA)
Georgia (GA) North Carolina (NC) West Virginia (WV)
Maine (ME) Ohio (OH) Florida (FL)
Maryland (MD) Pennsylvania (PA) Indiana (IN)
Massachusetts (MA) Rhode Island (RI) Michigan (MI)
New Hampshire (NH) South Carolina (SC)

Central Standard Time Zone

Alabama (AL) Mississippi (MS) Nebraska (NE)
Arkansas (AR) Missouri (MO) North Dakota (ND)
Illinois (IL) Oklahoma (OK) Tennessee (TN)
Iowa (IA) Wisconsin (WI) Kentucky (KY)
Louisiana (LA) South Dakota (SD) Texas (TX)
Minnesota (MN) Kansas (KS)

Mountain Standard Time Zone

Idaho (ID) Montana (MT) Wyoming (WY)
Arizona (AZ) New Mexico (NM)
Colorado (CO) Utah (UT)

Pacific Standard Time Zone

time zone map united states (1)

Nevada (NV) California (CA) Idaho (ID)
Oregon (OR) Washington (WA)

FAQ: United States time zones

What is the latest time zone in the United States?

The Eastern Time Zone (EST) is the latest time zone on the hour.

How many different time zones are there in the United States?

There are six different time zones including Alaska and Hawaii.

What time zones do most states have?

The time zone that covers most states is the Eastern Time Zone (EST).

How long have time zones existed?

The world time zone system was developed in 1878.

Who invented the time zone?

In 1878, Sir Sandford Fleming developed the system that divided the world into 24 different time zones. Each time zone was separated by 15 degrees.

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