Seasonal Marketing Campaign: What is it? – Whenever there is a date, commemorative or symbolic time, it is common to observe seasonal campaigns carried out by various businesses. This type of marketing strategy can be beneficial in increasing sales results throughout the year.

Commemorative dates such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Black Friday are examples of favorable times to create seasonal campaigns. They are occasions that move the market a lot and, therefore, demand from consumers tends to be more significant.

With an increasingly competitive market, especially online, it is essential to stand out to sell more. After all, it’s no use having many potential customers looking for a product if your brand can’t present itself to them, right?

Therefore, running seasonal campaigns throughout the year helps companies take advantage of the times when consumers search for products and services and are more likely to purchase.

However, seasonal campaigns are not limited to Christmas or Mother’s Day. Each type of business has several seasonal opportunities. For example, for B2B service companies, the beginning of the year is an excellent time to attract customers looking to revamp their business.

But, first of all, it is necessary to understand what seasonality and seasonal campaign are. Follow the article.

What is a Seasonal Campaign?

Seasonality, by definition, means something temporary, which implies an event marked by a specific date or time of year. In other words, as the term itself suggests, “seasonal” means that seasonal campaigns take place on pre-determined dates and make to disseminate offers and promotions during commemorative and essential dates for the commerce or sector in which your B2B company or industry entered.

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How to Run Seasonal Campaigns?

The carrying out of seasonal campaigns must contain some steps that will guarantee the success of the actions. Check out some of them below.

1. Plan – Seasonal Marketing Campaign

Seasonal Marketing Campaign – First The first step to an effective seasonal campaign is planning. Contrary to what one might think, it should not do just days or weeks before the commemorative dates. It must be carried out at the beginning or end of each year, considering all campaign opportunities according to the company’s target segment. We have an excellent seasonal calendar that can help with this planning.

 2. Choose communication channels.

Once the planning does, it’s time to structure how seasonal campaign communication will cry out. For this, it is essential to think about the central message of each one of them and also the channels that will use, use WhatsApp Business, for example.

3. Automate processes

Given the intense flow of information and transactions during seasonal campaigns, automation can significantly help with success on these dates. Some are messaging, email marketing, chatbots, issuing invoices and inventory control. The use of these tools that optimize processes is a way to reduce the performance of operational processes and invest in the scalability of the work in general, which will reflect not only seasonal dates but throughout the year.

 Seasonal Campaign Opportunities Throughout The Year

This seasonality denomination also applies to seasonal products or services that have a seasonal characteristic. They work or are in greater demand at a particular time.

For example, sunscreen is a product that sells throughout the year. But during the summer season, it has a higher demand and sales volume.

However, many places sell sunscreen, so investing in seasonal campaigns helps to increase the chances of consumers choosing your company to do business through.

In other words, as I explained earlier, seasonal campaigns are not limited to commemorative dates. It means that each type of business has several seasonal opportunities. One of the most important things for a business to thrive is knowing your customer profile well. Your ideal persona for your company and your type of business.

Given the understanding of who your customer is, it is possible to offer what the customer wants. In the way he wants and through the channel he wants. Version who the customer is makes it possible to understand their wants and desires and carry out seasonal campaigns. It is a fundamental point.

Punctual Market Demand

A seasonal campaign meets high and punctual market demand, and to identify it, you need to know your customer well.

In this way, to identify these dates within your business model. That is, to identify periods of the year when your customer is more likely to do business, you need to know your customer.

In addition, by knowing your customer well. Your company is more likely to be right when it comes to offering a value proposition and an offer that will attract them.

Knowing your product and your customer and helping you identify ideal dates for seasonal campaigns also gives you a competitive advantage.

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In the case of companies that sell products. Understanding which dates your customer is most encouraged to make a purchase will help you plan. If you know when to run your seasonal campaigns and what to offer. You can program yourself to have a more extensive stock in a given situation, for example.

Buying raw materials in bulk or hiring outsourced companies in advance allows you to negotiate much better prices than if you buy during the high season in that segment.

We at Egencia Tribe have developed a method to help your business create a strategic plan to sell your products or services throughout the year.