What Is Flexi working? The 5 Advantages Of Flexible Work – New technologies have unlocked up a new world of job possibilities and are revolutionizing due to the situation caused by COVID-19 and the rigid policies of large and small companies. But do you know what Flexi working is? This new concept that speaks of labour flexibility was born to respond to the demands of workers who see the possibility of adjusting their schedule and their way of working to the needs of their daily lives. This concept acquires special importance at the moment in which we find ourselves, proving to be one of the best solutions to maintain the rhythms and productivity of the teams.

Flexible offices, flexible jobs. The 21st century wants to break all the rules written so far and formulate new regulations adapted to its time.

What Is Flexi working

Flexi working speaks of a different way of working, combining flexibility and work, two opposite words until recently. This new concept places importance on a job well done without paying attention to programs or offices. Days off, vacations schedules. All elements are likely to be adapted to the worker’s needs, provided that the nature of the business allows it. In addition, current companies can enjoy services that favour the success of teleworking, such as co-working spaces or the rental of virtual offices in Madrid. or Barcelona, where you can enjoy the benefits of having an office, in terms of personal attention and headquarters, without having to rent a permanent office.

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Advantages Of Flexible Working

  1. conciliation
  2. Labour productivity
  3. Motivation
  4. Cost reduction
  5. Infinite possibilities

Implementing flexible working results in numerous benefits, both for employees and companies. Here are the top five benefits of your app:

1. Conciliation – Flexi working

Making work more flexible allows us to respond to work life’s increasingly demanding reconciliation with family life. Choosing work schedules, adapting break times to personal needs, and working (sometimes) from home represent a significant reduction in stress for workers.

2. Labor Productivity

The freedom that the worker who enjoys flexible work policies has means that he can take advantage of his hours of greatest energy to attend to his work obligations. Studies arrange that working from home increases productivity by 15%.

3. Motivation

But Flexible workers feel that the company trusts them and their responsibility and, as a consequence, stand out for having higher motivation rates. So this motivation translates, again, into higher productivity and better business results.

4. Cost Reduction

Because of this companies that opt ​​for labour flexibility can consider reducing their fixed costs, betting on flex spaces like the ones we offer in Lexington, taking advantage of the “all-inclusive” model and avoiding long hiring periods.

5. Endless Possibilities – Flexi working

So information technologies and the Internet allow connection to work at any time and from anywhere in the world, which opens up an immense range of possibilities for the worker, translating into high levels of well-being and quality of life.

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Implement A Hybrid Work Model In Your Company

The situation that took companies and workers by surprise in March caused all of them to be forced to adapt to it, generally betting on teleworking. The return to the offices of NewNormality has generated great interest in the hybrid model, the one that combines face-to-face and online work and that aims to achieve an optimal balance between both worlds.

A hybrid model that combines face-to-face work with teleworking offers great advantages for both companies and employees. Highlighting the promotion of productivity and creativity and work-life balance, among many others.

But whatever the work model you need in your company right now. We offer different flexible keys that can be modified to each company’s needs at Lexington. All of them are characterized by being safe, flexible, and efficient in cost optimization.

And now that you have identified what Flexi working is and its main benefits. Would you like to formulate new labour flexibility policies in your company?