Digital Marketing Checklist For Your Company Or Industry – Heading a digital agency since 2001, I usually say that the opportunities that Digital Marketing offers for B2B companies or industries are enormous. However, the risk of getting lost amid so many possibilities and tools is also significant. Therefore, it is essential to understand which strategies make a difference when communicating.

I mean that if your industry or company already has a strategy ready or a digital agency responsible for online communication, it is always good to review if it has been effective. Our culture at Tribe is Data-Driven, where strategies and actions happen through data. With constant monitoring, each client can assess the current state of certain areas to detect trends and identify specific sectors for possible changes with new digital strategies to obtain the best results.

After all, questioning and reviewing strategic planning is essential to gain greater control over the results. Therefore, to share some of my experiences. I have prepared a digital marketing checklist for you to understand if your B2B company’s or industry’s online marketing actions are out according to the changes and demands of your market segment or audience. . Follow the article and check it out!

Checklist from Marketing Digital

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Site – Digital Marketing Checklist

The first step in seeking online visibility is creating a website. The email address will direct your target audience’s searches to your B2B company or industry. Therefore, even devising any strategy, start planning the construction of your website and understanding the importance of a website in mobile version.

Blog – Digital Marketing Checklist

A whole page inserted in your company or industry website is the blog To attract and capture new customers. In this virtual space, it offers tools to explore your brand’s differentials, the needs and shortcomings of your sector, and opportunities. The blog is for your brand to show that it is a reference in its field. The more publications relevant to your target audience concentrated on the blog, the more chances of interested people finding your business.

Social Media – Digital Marketing Checklist

Social networks are not just for the socialization of people but the professionalization of your business. But watch out! Plan more assertively and find out where your target audience is most concentrated: is it on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook?

Content Production

When I talk about content production, it is necessary to carry out an editorial calendar to ensure a frequency with which your B2B company or industry will keep its publications – website. Blog and social networks – up to date to keep a reader base informed and travelling through your website or blog. Important: quality content, which arouses the attention of your target audience, needs to have a strategic digital marketing plan.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are important ways to capture your ideal customer. By the way, it’s no wonder they are known as capture pages. They help attract more people to your business, and for that, you can offer various materials such as informative PDFs, infographics, free eBooks or videos, among other free materials. It is essential to analyze your target audience’s most consumed media and know where they are in the customer journey to generate the most assertive content possible.


In addition to organic searches, Google’s paid ads can make it easier for you to drive customers to your pages. The advantage is that investments are relatively low compared to other traditional media.

SEO Optimization

SEO is still on the rise and is one of the central guarantees that your pages align with what your ideal consumer is looking for. It is essential to work intensely on optimizing the content of the blog and your website. In this way, there are even greater chances that your company or industry will be in the first organic results of search engines.

Automation in Marketing

Automation in digital marketing is essential because, even if the customer is not at the bottom of the sales funnel, ready to make a purchase, you keep their interest high. This conversion can happen in the future.

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Marketing and Sales

A lead is a qualified contact to become a customer In digital marketing jargon. And this happens with a precise integration between the areas of marketing and sales.


In addition to personalizing offers, the newsletter can also maintain the customer’s interest in your products or services, even after purchasing from your company some time ago.

Follow The Results Of Marketing Actions

So tracking the data and results of actions is essential to understand audience behavior better. In addition, this monitoring ensures greater effectiveness of your communication.

It is where errors are analyzed and redrawn. You can learn and understand how communication works for your company or industry.

Assuming possible mistakes and understanding that you made the “wrong” decision is an opportunity to explore new possibilities. And this vast number of paths to follow is one of the significant advantages of digital marketing.

It is usual for there to be “flaws” in processes. But it is also essential to understand when this should fixed. That’s why digital marketing agencies, like Agencies Tribe, help companies understand this process.