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What Is The Lean Management Methodology, And Why Should You Apply It In Your Company?

What Is The Lean Management Methodology, And Why Should You Apply It In Your Company_

What Is The Lean Management Methodology, And Why Should You Apply It In Your Company?

In this article

1 . Where are you from?

2 . What are the principles of Lean Management?

3 . So, what are the objectives of the Lean methodology?

4 . How is the Lean methodology applied to the company?

5 . Lean Management and workspaces

Customer satisfaction and productivity are two decisive factors when measuring the success of a business project. Many companies chose to manage their processes following the Lean Management methodology to improve both data. Quite a success! We want to tell you what the Lean Management methodology is and why you should apply it in your company.

The Lean methodology seeks to create an efficient management model and continuous improvement. Business processes are optimized, and “waste” is eliminated. Do you want to know more?

Where Are You From?

Like the Kanban method, which we have already talked about on the blog, the Lean methodology has its origin in Japan. Specifically, it comes from the business model used in the Toyota car factory. Kiichiro Toyoda was the one who developed this thought so that “machines, installations and people work together to add value without making waste”.

Toyota promoted a production chain improvement system based on reducing costs and increasing productivity, eliminating from the process everything that does not add value to the final product.

What Are The Principles Of Lean Management?

The Lean Management methodology requires when applying it, a change of mentality.  This philosophy is based on a difference in perceiving, developing and launching new products on the market through improvement strategies based on the sustainability of resources.

This Japanese Methodology Has Five Basic Principles:

So, What Are The Objectives Of The Lean Methodology?

To achieve this, these three lines of action are usually followed:

The application of new concepts, tools and methodologies ensures the system’s efficiency.

How Is The Lean Methodology Applied To The Company?

There is no single pattern for implementing the Lean Management methodology. Its adjusted to each case. So it not a static and closed process.

The implementation of the Lean Management method not closed or strict; it adapts naturally to each business model.

Some of the different aspects that yes or yes have to taken into account when implementing the Lean method are the following:

Do not forget that the Lean Management methodology must applied sequential and balanced.

Lean Management And Workspaces

Once we have analyzed the Lean Management methodology and how to apply it in a company, it is very important to prepare the ground so that its implementation is as organic as possible.

One of the most significant issues when taking a step toward this new work model is flexibility. The closed management formula and a conventional office no longer work if we are looking for productivity and process efficiency. It also translates into workspaces and their ability to adapt to changes.

Lexington’s flex workspace model will help your company have what it needs when it needs it. Save on costs and avoid unnecessary expenses, wasted square meters or rigid contracting conditions. These variables are also considered “waste” for the Lean philosophy. Before a hybrid office with the capacity to rotate your teams, or the rental of workspaces for days or months, are solutions that will allow you to make processes more flexible. This way, you can gather your team to evaluate the progress and have a Premium and accessible location for meetings with clients or suppliers. Take your feedback into account!

In short, the Lean Management methodology is one of the business methods of agile management that seeks to improve processes and contribute to greater competitiveness of companies. If you want your company to take a step towards maximum efficiency, start now by changing your management method to Lean, your office space to flex, and your “waste” into “hits”.

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