Types of Glass Gandalf Weed Pipes – Currently, many types of glass Gandalf weed pipes vary in shapes, colors and modes of use. Each one can modify to the personality or need of the user.

There are endless options for marijuana smoking items. And glass pipes hold a special place in our hearts, from the classic tubes to the more exotic and unique lines.

Here we present the most popular Gandalf weed pipes for smoking weed.

Pipe Spoon

The classic of classics is known and enjoyed by most cannabis users. With endless variations, colors and designs, the spoon pipe will always be a good option whether you have little or a lot of time to give yourself a good smoke.

The main characteristic of this pipe, as its name says, is to have a spoon shape. It consists of a bowl-shaped hole where the cannabis, a medium-sized stem to inhale and a clutch (carburetor) located on the side of the pipes to control the suction and airflow in the line.

Smoking this pipe involves a two-step process. First, the user inhales while lighting the herb and holding down the clutch, allowing the smoke to fill the stem. The grip is then released while inhaling to allow air to enter the branch and the smoke to enter the mouth.

Sherlock Pipe

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As its name suggests, it is the classic Sherlock Holmes pipe adapted to Pyrex glass, an excellent option for smoking. You will always have a good mood with its traditional and refined shape. In structure and size, it is very similar to the spoon pipe, with the difference in the curvature in the stem, as we can see in the image. We are composed of a bowl (smaller), stem and clutch, with a smoking process practically identical to that of the previous pipe.

Gandalf Weed Pipe

Another pipe inspired by a fictional character is the Gandalf Weed Pipea feeling we always found smoking some “magical herb” in this iconic piece—characterized by being a deep bowl and a very long and thin stem. With a straightforward smoking process, just like the Sherlock pipe and spoon.

Without a doubt, this pipe shines for its great style and design. Perfect for lovers of the Lord of the Rings or to enjoy smoking in a unique piece.

Bubbler – Gandalf Weed Pipes

What can we tell you about this piece, one of our favorites; it’s like bringing a bong everywhere! A combination between a hand pipe and a bong. Its practicality and the purity of the smoke when smoking have made it one of the most popular pieces among cannabis consumers.

Bubblers have a nozzle, bowl and a chamber where the water. The smoke generated by the combustion of the herb is filtered and cooled by the water, causing a lot of dirt to remain trapped by the water, making the smoke softer and more pleasant. Now that you know it, go ahead and tries it; you will surely love it!


This pipe has an ancient and fascinating history. Over time, it has been given different uses, from opium smoking in Arab countries to hashish in India and traditional cultures. It is motionless and used for special or sacred events and gatherings.

We can find it in wood, clay, aluminum, and Pyrex glass. It is eminent by being of a thin and elongated tubular shape, with a slightly larger cavity where the cannabis. The lighter end being a mouthpiece. Now, it is one of the most used pipes worldwide; its practicality and the quality of the dense smokes make it a great option.


A hitter is very similar in anatomy to a chillum, with the difference in size, but relax; size does not matter. Although the pipe is shorter, it is also a bit wider. Allowing good tanks of smoke that travel a concise path to reach the mouth, translating into intense and coarse smoke.

So its practicality and discretion allow it to accompany you anywhere. A hitter is an excellent option for beginner marijuana smokers

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Exotic – Gandalf Weed Pipes

Practically what you can imagine, from the Pickle Rick pipe to a scorpion pipe. Endless options await you in this category. When it comes to Pyrex glass pipes, the imagination has no limits.

But an exotic pipe will excellently fulfil its primary task and provide good smoke and enjoyment. With the plus of being an excellent cannabis decoration item, which we love!

If what you are looking for is something exotic and out of the ordinary, dive into this category, and you will indeed find a pipe in the shape of whatever you can imagine.

Now that you know the most popular types of glass pipes out there, you can evaluate which one is the best option for you. Whether it’s something discreet and functional like Chillum, something a little more pro like a bubbler, or even something crazy like an exotic pipe in the shape of a spaceship.

If you so feel that we missed an essential pipe or one of your favorites. Let us know, and we will surely take on the task of providing valuable information to the pro-cannabis world. We wish you good humor, and as always, we send you good vibes so that you can enjoy life as you deserve.