xResolver is a web database that stores the IP addresses of online players. xResolver extracts these IP addresses from the usernames of the players. The X in the name of this online database stands for the Xbox console. However, it is still able to work with other gaming consoles. Accordingly, it is sometimes also referred to as PlayStation resolution and Xbox resolution.

Playing console games online is just as popular as playing games on other stages. It gives employers the ability to make friends and communicate while gaming. It also helps create healthy competitive matches. Most gamers participate in a game via a Gamertag or alias.

That said, you may have wondered about the identity of your adversary or ally. The most popular website tool for this is xResolver. In this director, we are going to show you what xResolver is and its alternatives.

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What is xResolve?

xResolver is the online service that logs Gamertags and IP addresses of Xbox, Playstation and PC gamers. xResolver is specially designed to protect usernames and Gamertags from online hackers. The primary purpose of xResolver is to convert Gamertags and usernames into IP addresses.

To perform these functions, xResolver consists of an Xbox solver that uses bots to extract data. This data includes the username, ISP address and IP address of the Xbox player.

What does xResolver do?

As mentioned earlier, it is responsible for storing publicly available data about IP addresses and associating them with Gamertags. It should be noted that this type of information or data is publicly available. It technically means that it’s not illegal to share it on a site that anyone can access.

The problem, however, is that the person trying to match the IP address to your profile may not have good intentions. A hacker may be interested in your PS4, PC or Xbox profile and associated IP address.

xResolver gives you access to your private information for interested people. This personal information ties your physical network connection to your identity on the web. And when they have access to your confidential information, they can attack you in various ways. It can include distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks.

What to do if you are listed at xresolver.com

Anyone can enter a Gamertag/PSN ID on the xresolver.com website and see if the website already has IP address information for that account. The homepage claims to have “dissolved” almost 25 million accounts.

It’s no good if you get listed in the xresolver.com database, but it’s not the end of the world. As mentioned, just being there doesn’t mean someone is actively trying to harm you. It means you played an online game with a shitty hacker; They retrieved your data and then published it.

The xResolver website and others like them claim that if you pay for a premium service, they will “blacklist” your information. And while a given website may remove this information from its database, it will not guarantee that its competitors will do the same. xresolver.com

What happens is that they try to cheat you with your hard earned money. They don’t have the power to really protect you, so you don’t have to bargain with them.

Instead, it’s best to change your IP address and protect it in the future.

Features of xResolver

xResolver offers a large number of exciting functions. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Geographic location identification

xResolver (5)

Resolver allows you to identify your opponent’s geographic location. You can achieve this with the IP lookup service. This is one of the most important data regarding the player’s IP address. And hence, this feature becomes the most intriguing.

IP recorder


xResolver lets you generate custom links. You can get their IP addresses by sending these links to people. These custom links are used to retrieve browser and location information. IP Recorder adds functionality to xResolver and helps detect incognito mode.

Gamertag resolver and PSN username

xResolver offers a range of great features and functionality for Xbox and PlayStation users. Existing tools facilitate the extraction of data relating to IP addresses. You don’t need to search the web for bots to crawl Gamertags and usernames. Artificial intelligence in it makes things much easier and more convenient.

User-friendly interface and features

xResolver (7)

The working process of xResolver is quite simple. You can identify your opponent’s IP address in just a few minutes. Finding a Gamertag is also easy.

Blocklist of personal IP addresses

Blocklisting is one of the key features that you can purchase separately with xResolver. Its feature allows you to hide your opponents’ personal information and IP ads. Regardless of their technical understanding, they cannot find your personal information.

How does your information end up in the database?

A user’s IP address must be public to connect to the Internet. It is how the web is built. Hackers exploit this by using tools like OctoSniff to retrieve player IP data during gameplay.

The program then decodes user information while the player is playing in an online session, creating a log showing which specific Gamertag belongs to which IP address. And that data is then added to platforms like the one we’re talking about today, allowing hackers to target specific players.

Why you should protect your IP address

If a hacker were to discover your IP address, he would expose your entire network to the possibility of being flooded with unnecessary communication traffic (essentially Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attacks), temporarily crippling your Internet.

Not to mention playing online will get you kicked out of every session. Is it a reality known to affect some people who play online? Therefore, you must protect your IP address from staying safe online and not suffer from interrupted gaming sessions.

How to change your IP address

You can only change the local IP report of your PC or console. However, your public IP address is assigned by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and, therefore, cannot easily be changed by you. It is this readable IP format that hackers can attack.

If you have a dynamic address, try changing your router by turning it off for a few minutes and then turning it back on. If that doesn’t work because you have a static one, you’ll need to contact your ISP for further assistance.

A VPN service provider is the best option to protect your IP data. However, you still need a public IP address to access the Internet. A VPN hides your address by giving you your IP address. The latter can always be seen by a hacker who can kick you off the server.

Best resolver Alternatives

xResolver (3)

Here are some alternatives you should know about. Please note that using these tools is not considered an ethical practice. If you need to use any of them, make sure you have a good reason to do so, like kicking an abusive or cheating player from the server.

Start Xbox

This Xbox IP grabber is designed to kick people out of their gaming sessions.

You can use it to spy on my IP addresses while accessing robust Layer 4 and 7 attacks to cripple people.

Xbox Booter is a handy tool that offers step-by-step tutorials for everything you want to do with such a program.

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OctoSniff (connected to resolver) specializes in filtering packets and decrypting the usernames they contain. It can automatically identify parcels when it comes to Xbox Party Chat. Additionally, it claims to be the only tool on the market that offers a username AI feature for the Sony PlayStation 4 console.

It means you can determine which user owns which package and associate the IP address with a username. This program allows you to create your Xbox filters or use presets to get specific game packs.

Many see OctoSniff as a comprehensive tool to optimize gaming connections and increase revenue.

 PS4 launcher

Just like Xbox Booter is an Xbox IP card, PS4 Booter is designed so that you can disconnect people while playing games on the PS4 console.

It sends a denial of service attack to your public IP address.

The site also advises that if you play online a lot, using a good quality VPN is an excellent option to avoid being booted offline.

Launch PCPS Remastered

It is a free tool that offers a variety of features in the field of IP extraction and resolution. And it also has its database.

You have to connect this open-source IP extractor on your PC, and you’re ready to spy, intercept and extract IP from Xbox Live and PSN game sessions. You can even use it to resolve Gamertags to IPs.

The best thing about Lanc Remastered PCPS is that it’s elementary to set up and use. And if you’re new to all of this, their website has in-depth guides to help you get started.

Console Analyzer

Another alternative is Console Sniffer. Like several Xbox IP grabbers, it allows you to get the username and IP address details from online gamers without jailbreak.

This IP sniffer works on all gaming consoles and does not require special software or hardware equipment. Console Sniffer supports VPN, which is a pretty big plus.

However, this is a paid program that can be available to you for a one-time payment of $20. Please note that this only works on Windows.


Boot you are the cheapest and most potent stressor/booter available to gamers today. It is a web service for sending DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks at layer 4 and layer 7.

Boot you offers much more than stress. There are things like Skype resolvers, custom IP loggers, IP domain and ping, geolocation lookup, phone lookup, and more.

Web resolver

It’s not necessarily one of those Xbox IP grabbers but more of a Skype IP grabber that can be used to extract people’s IP addresses based on their geological location. It is an SSL-registered website, and it is a legitimate way to get IP addresses as they are in the public database. However, you have to pay to keep using it.

A unique feature of this service is that it offers a Chrome extension for easy access anytime.

IP location search

It’s a simple website that shows your current IP address directly, and a search bar in the top left shows results for IP addresses, hosts, or websites. It shows you geolocation, time zone, latitude, longitude, ISP and area.

You can also find IP addresses (IPv6 and IPv4) on a website called What is my IP address, which gives you additional information such as ISP, hostname, country, region or state, city, area code, and approximate location. They also show you how to hide your IP address.

Xbox replay

Their algorithms allow you to instantly share Xbox clips and screenshots with your fellow gamers by searching for Gamertags in their search bar. Additional information, such as IP address and geolocation, is readily available. It is an open-source and free website that offers a variety of games.

XResolve Xbox and PS4 Gamertags over IP (2022)

xResolver (8)

Playing console games online is just as popular as playing on other platforms. It allows users to make friends and communicate while playing the game. It also helps create healthy competitive games. Most players join a game using a Gamertag or alias.

That said, you may have wondered about your adversary or ally’s identity. The most popular website tool for this is xResolver. This guide will show you what xResolver is and what alternatives exist.

Lanc Remastered PCPs

xResolver (4)

Lanc Remastered PCPs is an open-source network monitoring and packet sniffer application. It retrieves the IP addresses of game sessions on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network and stores them in its database as Gamertags.

It is an easy-to-use platform with an interactive community. As a resolver, you can use it by searching for the Gamertag or alias of a specific player in your database. Lanc Remastered PCPs is also a free tool compatible with most browsers.

Xbox Resolution

Another free web tool that can collect IP addresses from an Xbox Live Gamertag is Xboxresolver. After entering a player’s Gamertag, you will see their online information, such as IP address, location, username, and ISP information.

However, some users have reported problems using this website, e.g. B. slow loading times. In this case, try refreshing the page or clearing your browser’s cache.

 Xbox One Home

Xboxonebooter is a web service similar to xResolver; It is known as one of the few free IP initiators, IP extractors and IP grabbers in both offline and online situations. It also offers VPN choices for Xbox.

The website also provides detailed steps to start another player online by getting their IP address. Its various tools are more than capable of capturing a player’s geolocation, username, and other online data.

 Xbox playback

Another free and open-source tool on the web is XboxReplay. You can use the web search tool to find Gamertags in the database. You can also use the site to find your shared Xbox clips and screenshots online. It is ad-free and allows you to view, share and download Game DVR content.

Once the desired Gamertag is found, the website will display its IP information, country, city and ISP details.