How to Identify and Solve WiFi Connectivity Problems.

WiFi Connectivity Problems and How to Solve Them – Could there be anything more frustrating than realizing you’ve lost your WiFi connection? Even worse is the new normal, when you need to send an important email or have a meeting in 30 minutes. It is even worse when it happens in the office, where the workers’ activity stops dead.

We’ve gotten so used to having WiFi available to listen to music, stream our favourite shows, and allow us to work from home that we rarely think twice about staying connected until suddenly we’re left without WiFi.

You can lose your internet connection or have limited or no contact, from being in aeroplane mode or forgetting to turn on WiFi to a router problem.

A lost connection interrupts your daily routine, but most are easy to fix and getting back online can be relatively quick. Here we bring you some of the most common problems and how you can solve them.

WiFi Connectivity Problems – Incorrect Password

A classic when trying to connect to a new network, there are a couple of reasons why this can happen. The first thing you should do is check if you entered the password correctly or if you put the correct capital letters and spaces. Another thing that could be is that you are trying to connect to a network that is not. They may have similar names, which can confuse you. In the worst case, it could be that the connection is not working correctly or is overloaded, in which case the network will reject any new relationship.

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Slow Or No Internet Access In Firm Rooms

WiFi is radio waves, which means your router broadcasts in all guidelines from a central location. If your router is a far turning from your house, it unnecessarily covers a large part of the outside world. Perhaps the best solution to this problem would be to move the router to a more centralized location. The nearer the router is to centre of your coverage area, the better the reception throughout your home. The closer to the centre of the coverage area. The better the reception throughout your home. If you can, transfer your router to a extra centralized location.

Slow Internet Everywhere – WiFi Connectivity Problems

If your WiFi speed is slow no matter where you are, try connecting a laptop to your modem directly and test your Internet speed using a site like Uncertainty the speeds are still slow, the problem is likely with your Internet connection, not your router.

If that’s not the problem, it could be that your current wireless channel is being overwhelmed by your devices or those on other nearby networks. Reflect on changing the channel on your router in your router settings. However, each router brand does it a little differently.

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The WiFi Network Disappears Completely

Even the best performing routers occasionally suddenly stop for many reasons. It happens at the most unfortunate times, like right before clicking “send” on an important email or in the middle of a video call.

Routers can get confused and slow down or reboot. In other cases, you may force reboot your router to function optimally.

The quickest solution, in this case, is to try to reduce the number of tasks and devices your router handles. You can start by turning off purposes and apps that you’re not using. Also, when possible, consider connecting stationary devices like desktop PCs via Ethernet instead of WiFi.

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The Internet Of Micro And Small Enterprises

A fundamental part of the success of a small business is the connectivity they have and the use of technology in its favour.

The Qualcomm company revealed through a study on connectivity in Mexico that 56% of micro, small and medium-sized companies in Mexico use the Internet to carry out their processes.

WiFi Network For Small Businesses With Performance As High As Yours

You deserve a WiFi network that works as hard as you do. One that’s as easy to set up and manage as it is to use and enjoy.


Whether you’re running a coffee shop or a trendy boutique hotel. Your employees and customers depend on the network.

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87% of small and medium-sized businesses are making their meetings, events and appointments online; ensuring that it is stable and secure at the same time is essential. In addition, fast and flexible networking increases employee productivity.