The Best Perfumes Of 2024 – If you are looking for perfumes to give as gifts or if you want to renew your fragrance options for the day, night or the change of season, then you cannot miss this list. Based on the reviews, I have selected some of the best perfumes for 2024.

So perfumes are those fashion accessories that cannot be missing from your outfit. They reflect our personality and are the perfect complement to our daily lives.

But just as it happens with other accessories, such as hats or shoes that are on-trend, you must know how to choose your fragrances to go with you and the occasion. Follow me, girls!

Tricks To Find The Ideal Perfume

Before revealing the list of the best perfumes of 2022, you have to know that the chemistry of fragrances is not something uniform or static. It must go with your skin type and pH, body odor, tastes, activities, time of day, and even with the message you want to send.

Follow these recommendations to find out how to choose the right perfume, apply it and what care you should take into account to last longer on your skin.

How To Choose Your Perfume?

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Before buying your perfume, avoid smelling several fragrances simultaneously because your sense of smell will be confused. Guide yourself by the olfactory family and concentration.

Do a test on your skin for several hours. But you will know how the product behaves and which molecules are more impregnated in your skin.

When To Apply It?

The best time to smear cologne is after a shower because your skin is cleaner and better absorbed the fragrance. You will smell richer for much longer! If you bathe in hot water, much better because the perfume intensifies.

Can You Perfume Your Hair?

It is not that you put perfume on your hair because it can dull and dry it out. It can cause dandruff or dermatitis on the scalp.

Where To Apply The Perfume?

Spray the perfume a couple of times on the wrists, behind the ears nape of the neck. Also, behind the knees and elbows. Be careful; if you use cologne, you should apply more.

What Amount To Use – Best Perfumes?

In general, up to three sprays are enough in the case of perfumes; even a single jet or application can be enough if it is very concentrated.

Finally, remember not to apply the perfume to your clothes. The essential oils in the scented formula can stain your clothes, and chemically, it doesn’t work either. Your skin must contact the perfume to integrate with your body heat.

Best Perfumes – Meet The Best Perfumes Of 2022!

These are the 15 best perfumes of 2022, whose reviews from experts and consumers are favorable.

Fresh ones are ideal for summer and other seasons, with citrus, fruity, floral, woody, and oriental notes. In short. For every taste!

1. Air, Loewe – Best Perfumes

So this perfume is very light, ideal for spring and summer. It is a very natural scent, feminine and quite pleasant to wear all day.

2. Chloe Naturally Esau De Partum

Because of this perfume has a vegan label. It is a creation by Michel Almira and contains floral olfactory notes, cedar in the background and a woody finish.

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3. 212 VIP Rose, Carolina Herrera

This floral and fruity perfume is relatively fresh, glamorous and festive. It has notes of pink champagne, peach blossom, pink pepper, musky roses and light wood.

4. Twilley Esau Ginger, Hermes – Best Perfumes

It is an elegant and energetic perfume. It contains olfactory elements where ginger, peony and cedar stand out.

5. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Esau de Partum, Gucci

Besides this scented water is ideal for girls who prefer very light floral aromas. It contains gardenia, jasmine, pear blossom and a touch of sweetness (brown sugar).