Remedies on the Internet: Learn to Identify the Fake Ones – Have you ever bought medicine online? So, learn how to check if they are real

The hectic and hectic life of everyday life makes us use the internet to buy various products. This practice provides practicality. However, certain precautions must taken when it comes to medicine.

We at MetLife care about your health. Therefore, paying attention to specific details when you buy medicines over the internet is necessary not to purchase anything fake.

What are the Problems with Fake Medicines?

The main functions of medicine are to reduce symptoms and cure an illness. For example, when we take medication for a headache, we relieve a symptom: pain. When we have ringworm, we take medicine to stop the progress of the fungi and kill them.

Therefore, medicines are made with quality substances and respect the proportions they added toward. However, when we buy a counterfeit drug, it may that the substances used in the formula are not of quality ─ it may even be just a flour ─ and are not even in the proportions used.

In this way, a drug supposed to cure a particular disease can cause unexpected reactions. It may have made only of flour or even not have any reaction or help to cure the disease.

Therefore, by ingesting counterfeit medicines, we put our health at risk. But how do we know if what we are buying is fake?

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How do we Identify if the Medicine is Fake or Not?

Check the Drug Label and Seal – Remedies on the Internet

Every natural medicine has a stripe on the side that reacts and reveals the logo of the producing laboratory and the word “quality” when scraped with metal. Counterfeit medication does not have this label.

In addition, the packaging must sealed, and the labelling must be in Portuguese. Also, check for spelling errors or subtle changes in drug names, as counterfeits have these two characteristics.

Check the Packaging Information – Remedies on the Internet

Every package must contain a Customer Service (SAC) number. So, check if this number is found and if you suspect that the drug is fake, test if it works.

In addition, it is necessary to check if the package has the batch number and if it is the same as described on the bottle or card. Also, check the validity and registration number at the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anisa).

Be Wary of Low Prices – Remedies on the Internet

Be wary when you find a drug with a price much lower than usual. It could be that he is fake. According to the Ministry of Health, the category that most presents counterfeiting cases is that of drugs for erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra.

In addition to all these tips, research well in advance about the website that is selling the drug. For this, you can enter the website ” Reclama Aqua “, enter the name of the seller’s website and check that there is no complaint about it.

Therefore, pay attention to every detail of the packaging and always be suspicious of any price below the usual. Your health is much more important than any medication available on the internet.