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3 Tips To Stop Messing Up Your Recipes In The Kitchen

3 Tips To Stop Messing Up Your Recipes In The Kitchen

3 Tips To Stop Messing Up Your Recipes In The Kitchen – While cooking is a relaxing activity for some, it can be stressful for others. Those who are not good at cooking will be satisfied with reheating dishes when a good soul cannot cook for them.

However, you should know that beginners or the most clumsy in the kitchen are not doomed to miss all their dishes. There are indeed good gestures to observe to succeed in your dishes and gradually improve your level in the kitchen. How to cook well? Find all our tips and never miss your cooking recipes.

Cook What You Like

The first step in knowing just how to cook is to start by preparing what you like—provided that you want something other than dishes prepared by chefs, which is very unlikely.

It will be a question of cooking the dishes you appreciate, especially the receipts that are relatively easy to carry out. The latter requires only a few ingredients such as cheese fries, tajine, chicken fillet with cream, pizza, etc.

By following your desires, you will concentrate better in the kitchen. It will motivate you to apply yourself and succeed in your dish. After all, what’s the point of cooking if you don’t like what you’re cooking? No.

Always Watch The Cooking

The fatal mistake that some novice cooks make is that the chore dish (of potatoes, for example) is in the oven or on the plate.

Cooking is one of the most fantastic crucial steps. At this point, you still have every chance of messing up skillfully measured and seasoned ingredients. It is why you must watch your dishes. In the oven, it’s easier since you have the timer to the rescue. On the other hand. It is out of the question to be distracted book, a film or a telephone while cooking a food plate!

When you simmer your ingredients, consider opening the lid from time to time, stirring to mix well, poking a little to check the cooking of the meats, etc. Unless specified in the recipe, avoid cooking everything over high heat. It is better to cook over medium heat than a blazing brazier, which will burn your dish in a few minutes.

Finally, if you need to do something else while cooking, consider setting a timer to remind you to check your dish when it’s time. Renew it as necessary to avoid minor accidents: social networks are accurate black holes that completely suck our attention.

Equip Yourself Correctly – Recipes In The Kitchen

There is no need for an over-equipped kitchen to succeed in your dishes. However, this does not mean that you should neglect the essential utensils in your kitchen, whatever their size. Some tools will guarantee you successful recipes, even if it is a professional kitchen, namely:

The scale: properly dose all the ingredients and avoid approximate measurements, especially if you bake.

Whether you cook occasionally or often, this versatile utensil will allow you to simmer, sauté, and brown. Your ingredients without them sticking to the bottom.

The immersion blender avoids lumps in sauces, creams, doughnuts, or pancake batters.

The measuring bowl: The liquid ingredients must also measured precisely to avoid missing your recipe.

Our last tip: prepare all your ingredients and equipment to cook serenely.

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