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What is lean Marketing and Ten Techniques to Apply in your Company

What is lean Marketing and Ten Techniques to Apply in your Company

What is lean Marketing and Ten Techniques to Apply in your Company – Lean marketing is a particularly suitable strategy for startups and SMEs, but all companies can benefit from applying its principles. Read on to discover what poor marketing is and how you can take advantage of its benefits in your Company.

What is Lean Marketing?

Lean Marketing consists of bringing together all the marketing tasks, techniques and skills to promote products and brands effectively and flexibly so that the cost is as low as possible and the campaigns can be adapted in real time depending on the circumstances.

The lean philosophy has its origins in the Toyota manufacturing system, which, thanks to its success, quickly spread to the manufacture of all kinds of products. This philosophy has been extended to other areas, such as marketing, in recent years.

Lean Marketing on a Series of Cyclical Stages:

Identify a problem that the customer wants to solve.

Create a minimum viable product (MVP), the simplest possible solution that allows validating a hypothesis to solve the problem. Ideally, this solution should have a minimum cost so that we can test our idea with the lowest possible budget.

Measure the experiment results with our minimum viable product to establish if it meets our needs.

Please take note of the learnings of the Experiment to be able to implement them in the following versions.

Repeat the previous points until you reach the final solution.

To put this philosophy into practice successfully, we must take into account these three great principles of lean:

  1. Deliver less, but more often and faster: Instead of staggering deliveries until we have a more defined solution, we define small-scale prototypes and test them frequently to make sure we’re on the right track.
  2. Stay absorbed in the job at hand without trying to multitask.
  3. Be flexible: Instead of sticking rigidly to plans, learn continually and adapts to changing circumstances and resources.

Ten Ways to Apply Lean Marketing in your Company

1) Optimize Segmentation – Marketing and Ten Techniques

Lean marketing on obtaining.  Targeting only the most likely people interested in your offer is essential—the maximum results from the minimum resources.

Therefore. The first step in developing a lean marketing strategy should be the creation of a  complete buyer persona, that is, a profile of your Company’s ideal customer that includes location, psychological aspects, social and demographic factors, and pain—points related to your brand.

2) Do Experiment – Marketing and Ten Techniques

Experimentation is one of the fundamental principles of lean marketing. Instead of creating a marketing plan with a predefined channel assignment, start by allocating a small amount of budget to multiple ideas and compare the results with each other. There are a lot of possibilities:  SEM  and social ads micro-campaigns, contests and sweepstakes, ads in local media, offer sites, affiliate marketing…

3) Listen to Your Customers – Marketing and Ten Techniques

To identify what works and what doesn’t, the best method is. Let your customers tell you about it. There is no need to spend large budgets on market research; you have to pay attention to the comments on your social channels and set up alerts to be aware of the opinions about your brand. The most imperative thing is to be willing to learn from the negative comments and welcome the positive ones.

4) Offer a Quality Platform – Marketing and Ten Techniques

Instead of trying to “be everywhere”, lean marketing is committed to focusing on a single platform that adds value to users.

Once you’ve identified a channel that works, spend some time and effort creating quality content focused on your buyer persona’s needs.

5) Use Social Networks

Social networks are an excellent channel for lean marketing thanks to their immediacy. Suppose we have a person dedicated to them in real-time. In that case, we will be able to obtain results quickly and adapt our strategy to the moment’s needs, following the flexible model that characterizes lean marketing.

6) Test your Content

Content marketing takes time and effort, especially with formats like infographics, webinars, or ebooks.

If articles on a specific topic attract many views and comments, it is a sign that it is worth spending time on more extensive content. Therefore, before launching into creating in-depth content, it is highly recommended to  test  small-scale themes and formats. Your blog is the ideal place for this type of Experiment.

7) Plan Short Term

Publishing calendars are a standard tool in content marketing, and they are handy for organizing the entire team’s work. But they work much better for lean marketing when we’re not trying to get too far ahead in planning but instead define them a few weeks or a month early. In this way, we can remain flexible and react depending on the circumstances.

8) Adapt in Real-time

When circumstances change, plans have to change. For this reason, the most successful brands can adapt their messages and campaigns to the events of the moment and are not afraid to deviate from the original plan.

9) Use Online Advertising to Experiment

Platforms similar to Google Ads and  Facebook Ads are ideal for testing different audiences, formats, creatives, and landing pages. And all of this with a meagre budget. Adopt the lean philosophy in your ads and define. A preliminary experimentation phase before launching the final campaigns.

10) Focus on the Metrics that Matter

Given its focus on experimentation, measurement is a crucial pillar of lean marketing. Therefore, to apply it in your Company, you have to be able to define the metrics that matter and not let yourself be distracted by ” vanity metrics “.

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