LPB Piso Wifi login allows its users to enjoy a high-speed wireless connection in all points of their home, regardless of location. Thanks to LPB Piso Wifi, users will be able to surf the internet, watch streaming content, make calls and video calls, and carry out all the activities that require a good wireless connection. All these configurations can be done through the route. The default password and username for these platforms are user : admin & password : 123456789.

Understanding LPB Piso WiFi and Its Features

LPB Piso WiFi, a popular public WiFi service in the Philippines, operates on a pay-per-use model, making internet access both affordable and convenient. The service’s ‘pause time’ feature allows users to temporarily halt their internet session, conserving time and money.

This functionality is particularly advantageous for users who require flexible internet access without the commitment of a continuous session.

What is the Default Gateway of Piso WiFi?

The default gateway for Piso WiFi, a popular public WiFi service in the Philippines, is typically “” This IP address is used to access the administrative panel of the Piso WiFi router. Through this gateway, users can log in to manage their settings, including configuring the pause time feature, setting up payment rates, and monitoring usage.

Accessing LPB Piso WiFi

To access the admin panel of LPB Piso WiFi, users must navigate to the IP address Here’s how:

  1. Connect to the LPB Piso WiFi’s network.
  2. Open a web browse page and enter “” in the address bar.
  3. You will be directed to the LPB Piso WiFi log in page.
  4. Enter your admin credentials to access the dashboard.

It’s essential to use the correct IP address for a successful login. If you encounter issues, ensure your device is properly connected to the Piso WiFi network and that you’re using the correct IP format.

What is LPB Piso WiFi Pause Time Login?

The “LPB Piso WiFi Pause Time Login” feature in Piso WiFi, accessed through the default gateway “,” allows users to temporarily pause their internet session. This feature is particularly useful for pay-per-use internet services like Piso WiFi, as it enables users to save unused time and resume their session later.

For instance, if a user purchases an hour of internet time but only uses 30 minutes, they can pause the session and use the remaining 30 minutes at a later time without additional cost. This feature is managed through the admin panel of the Piso WiFi router, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness for users.

Utilizing the Feature in LPB Piso WiFi

The ‘LPB Piso WiFi Pause Time Login’ feature in LPB Piso WiFi allows users to stop their internet session and resume it later without losing unused time. This is particularly useful for those who need intermittent internet access throughout the day. To use this feature:

  • Log in to the LPB Piso WiFi network.
  • Start your internet session as usual.
  • When you need to pause, access the user interface via “”
  • Select the ‘pause time’ option.
  • Your session will be paused until you choose to resume it.

This feature ensures that you only pay for the time you actively use the internet, providing a cost-effective solution for your connectivity needs.

Tips for Secure and Efficient Use of LPB Piso WiFi

  • To ensure a secure and efficient experience with LPB Piso WiFi:
  • Always log out from the admin panel after making changes.
  • Regularly update your login credentials to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Monitor your usage and manage your time effectively using the ‘pause time’ feature.


In summary, the “ LPB Piso WiFi pause time login” feature offers a flexible and cost-effective way for Filipinos to access the internet. By understanding how to navigate and utilize this service, users can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity tailored to their specific needs. LPB Piso WiFi’s innovative approach to internet access demonstrates a commitment to providing user-friendly and affordable services.

How’s your experience with the convenience of LPB Piso WiFi Pause Time Login feature? Share your levels and tips in the comments below to help others make the most of this innovative service.