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KMart Near Me – Kmart, original name S.S. Kresge Co., American trade chain with a history of advertising general merchandise primarily through discount and variety stores. And also, It is a subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corporation.

The company was created by Sebastian S. Kresge, an itinerant hardware salesman, and John G. McCrory, holder of eight general stores in the easterly United States and one of Kresge’s regulars. In 1897, the two opened two five-and-dime stores in Memphis, TN and Detroit, Michigan (McCrory continued McCrory Corporation operations into the 1920s). Kresge eventually became the sole proprietor of this company and in 1907 operated the S.S. Kresge has stores in eight cities among Chicago and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With Kresge as premier (1907-25) and chairman of the board (1913-1966), the company grew steadily. Kresge initially limited the price of his goods to no more than 10 cents, but increase triggered by World War I pushed the limit to 15 cents and more.

In 1962, under a program devised by company president Harry B. Cunningham, Kresge’s arrived at the large-scale retail market by constructing the first Kmart store outside of Detroit. Building on its success, the company grew aggressively, opening an annual regular of 85 discount provisions over the next two decades in the United States and parts of Canada. During this period, Kmart also presented (1965) its popular “Bluelight Specials”, surprise offers advertised in-store and shown for only 15 minutes; after 1991, they were used only occasionally. The company’s name was changed to Kmart in 1977. Kmart was particularly forward-thinking in striking a retail deal with Martha Stewart. In 1987, the company hired her to help as the public face for its product’s entertainment and lifestyle, and in 1997 Kmart became the exclusive marketing store for the Martha Stewart Everyday line. Of furniture.


It is a list of the present, soon-to-be previous, and former Kmart locations.

1Current Stores
1.3New Jersey
1.4New York
1.5Puerto Rico
1.6Virgin Islands
2Former Locations
2.29New Hampshire
2.30New Jersey
2.31New Mexico
2.32New York
2.33North Carolina
2.34North Dakota
2.39Puerto Rico
2.40Rhode Island
2.41South Carolina
2.42South Dakota
2.49West Virginia

Current offers

Sunshine State

  • Miami – 14091 SW 88th St – And Kendale Ponds Plaza – Store #3074, oldest working Kmart (Opened November 3, 1977) – Expanded. Last Kmart in Florida.


  • Tamuning – 404 N Marine Energy – Store 7705 (Opened in 1995) – Kmart Only in Guam.

New Jersey

  • Westwood – 700 Great White Way – Westwood Plaza – Store #3202 (Opened October 21, 1982) – Last Kmart in New Jersey.

New York

  • Bridgehampton – 2044 Montauk Hwy – Bridgehampton Playgrounds – Store #9423, formerly W.T. Funding, then Woolco, then Caldor (opened November 14, 1999) – last Kmart in New York State. This stock also has a unique look, as the Kmart sign is blue, which matches the overall theme of Bridgehampton Commons.

Porto Rico

  • Hato Rey – 525 C. Juan Calaf – Piazza Las Américas – Store #7783, (Opened November 6, 1998) – Last Kmart in Puerto Rico.

The Virgin Islands

  • Frederiksted – Rest Matriculation No. 1, Shop No. 7413, (opened in 1993)
  • St. Croix – 4500 Bright Isle Shopping Center – Store #3972 (opened September 9, 1998)
  • St. Thomas – 26 Ballet skirt Park Mall – Tutu Park Mall – Store #3829 (opened June 7, 1993)
  • St. Thomas – 9000 Lockhart Gardens Shopping Center – Store #7793 (opened July 22, 1998)


Kmart is missing in 47 states. Three states (Florida, New Sport shirt, and New York) have only one Kmart. 3 Kmarts in US states in total.

USVI has four Kmarts, and Guam and Puerto Rico have one, for five stores outside the continental United States. Currently, there are 8 Kmarts left that are not closed or are closing.

How many Kmart retail stores are there in the United States?

As of November 2, 2022, there were 20 Kmart retail stores in the United States. The state with the most Kmart locations in the US is the US Virgin Islands, with four retail stores accounting for approximately 20% of all Kmart retail stores in the US.

Kmart 2022 store closures: After another round of closures, there are only three Kmarts left

Soon there will be only three Kmart stores open in the United States

Kmart store in Avenel, New Jersey, 15 much south of New York, is the latest store to close permanently on Saturday.

According to the liquidation company’s website, SB360 Capital Partners handles the store closing sale.

After the shutdown, the amount of Kmarts in the United States – once healthy over 2,000 – will be reduced to three in the continental United States and a handful of stores elsewhere, according to several reports in a trade world now under enemy control by Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Kmart stores in the continental United States will continue to operate in Westwood, New Jersey, for the time being. Bridgehampton on Long Island in New York and Miami, Florida.

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Transform, which owns [Kmart] and Flames, did not respond to an email in search of comment, and a phone number registered for the company did not take messages, The Associated Press reported Monday.

Last days for Kmart and Sears?

Sears and Kmart were owned by Burns Holdings, which filed for Chapter 11 economic failure in 2018 and narrowly avoided liquidation in early 2019. KMart Near Me – They were sold to their longtime saver and CEO, Eddie Lampert, who kept them active on a shoestring budget under the company’s Transform.

Calm, Sears and Kmart have closed more than 3,500 provisions and cut about 250,000 jobs over the past 15 years.

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The Sears Store Locator website was also incorrect on Monday. It still lists locations that are already closed. For example, it still lists a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., KMart Near Me – Sears company that it said was closed in a press release in January.

In that January release, Transformco said its “business strategy for Sears and Kmart is to operate a branch out portfolio consisting of a small number of premium, large stores with a larger number of smaller format stores – combined with its Shop Your.”Way Rewards Program, Online Marketplace and Buy Online Pick Up In Store.”

The release also says the company “will continue to explore both Hometown stores and Home & Life stores in cities and communities that previously had larger-format stores.”

The last [Kmart store] in Florida:

  • Miami: 14091 SW 88th St.

[Kmart stores] in New Jersey, one closure:

  • Avenue: 1550 St. George Avenue. (closed on Saturday)
  • Westwood: 700 Broadway

Last New York [Kmart store]:

  • Bridgehampton: 2044 Montauk Highway

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