First Day At The Gym: 7 Tips On What To Do (And What Not To Do) – If you are thinking of joining the gym or have already done so but have not yet worked up the courage to go, you will be interested in knowing what you should do and which not.

Many people are embarrassed or lazy that first day at the gym, but it will be much less difficult for you with our advice.

Before, You Hit The Gym.

If you are still in the phase of looking for a gym, make it easy.

Choose a gym close to your home or work, so you don’t waste a lot of time commuting, one of the leading causes of abandonment.

Find one with flexible hours and one that suits your routine. A 24-hour gym like  Revive Fitness allows you to train during the day of the week, which is appreciated.

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How To Dress On The First Day Of The Gym?

One of the main doubts when going to the gym for the first time is what to wear.

We recommend that you not abuse the accessories not to give the song since someone with tape, wristbands, hat and stereo headphones only lacks the rookie sign.

Wear comfortable sports clothing that allows you to perform all movements without hindrance.

Many people even wear old clothes that expose their muscles to see how they contract during the exercise.

If you are using jogging machines or doing activities that involve a lot of movement, we recommend that you make an effort to buy good sneakers.

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What Should I Bring To The Gym?

Depending on the facilities provided by each sports center, you may need to carry more or fewer things.

A small towel to avoid leaving sweat wherever you go and a bottle of water to hydrate yourself constantly are essential things.

Many people by their music player. If you are going to use your hands in your training, protect yourself with gloves.

As for the shower, don’t forget a towel, some flip-flops (very important to avoid fungal infections), and soap for the shower.

Ask The Monitors

Before you start using the machines you see free without any sense, approach the trainer in the room and ask for advice without shame.

Think that they are used to seeing new people and of very different physical states so that going to them is something NORMAL.

The instructor will help you design an effective exercise plan to see results in a short time and. Even more importantly, will teach you how to do them.

If you don’t identify how to use the machines, dumbbells. Bars and other equipment, your effort may be inefficient, and you risk injury.

You can smooth ask for advice on what diet you should follow or eat before and to the gym.

Try A Directed Activity

If you do not go to the gym due to laziness, we recommend trying a directed class.

There are many types, and they focus on different purposes and be very fun.

Even if it is your first day, the monitor will explain how to perform each movement step by step.

The First Day Of Gym Starts Easy

If you’ve never been to the gym. The worst thing you can do is treat your first day like it’s your last.

Are doing many repetitions. Lifting too much weight or following an intense class until you can’t anymore are common mistakes that will cause you to be unable to move the next day because of the stiffness.

If you talk to the monitor in the room before you get down to work. He will consider that it is your first time and will prevent you from going too far.

Remember that perseverance is essential no matter how hard you train one day.

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Warm Up And Stretch

To avoid injury, perform at your best. And facilitate a sore-free recovery, warm-up before exercising and stretch at the end of your workout.

You can also ask the room monitor how to stretch your muscles on schedule.

Do not mistake thinking that nothing will happen to you for not warming up or stretching because you will regret it when it happens to you.