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Business Technology, The Strategic Ally Against Covid-19

Business Technology, The Strategic Ally Against Covid-19

Business Technology. The Strategic Ally Against Covid-19 – Technology has been put at the service of companies worldwide to continue. Their operations and communication during Covid-19.

The emergence and rapid spread of the virus have provided a better perspective on how innovation and technology help manage emergencies. It is already possible to appreciate the enormous impact of technological development thanks to the exponential growth of connectivity and access to information.

Effective Business Technology: A New Opportunity

Technology has become an essential tool for companies to manage in the new world to which the sudden expansion of Covid-19 has transferred us.

This unprecedented confinement has allowed collaborators to remain connected while carrying out their work remotely in order not to stop the companies’ operations.

How are Companies Adapting to COVID-19?

Meanwhile, the expansion of Covid-19 is completely transforming the work development of many companies. Despite being more used to remote work for their employees. Large international companies have also had to adapt to a new format quickly. A new design because, if there is a percentage of employees teleworking. It is the entire company that works from the confinement of their homes in a matter of days.

So, five steps allow companies to allow. Their collaborators and partners to work remotely to handle the condition in the best possible way.

  1. Analyze connectivity “What are we doing with our network?
  2. Find ways to collaborate remotely with co-workers and business teams.
  3. The company needs to ensure that its customer experience and technical organizations continue to function smoothly to support its customers globally.
  4. Analyzing use cases has been the fourth tip
  5. Find a way to secure the entire process.

Business Technology Providing Innovative Solutions

However, the situation we are experiencing now confirms what, for years, great leaders. Software and infrastructure developers, experts, etc., have expressed: Without a doubt. Technology is the best ally and the most helpful tool to ensure man’s survival.

Today like never before. Innovation has permitted every one of many partners to manage this infection. From the people. Who are now working from a distance and need to settle on decisions or gatherings using joint effort applications. For example, Teams. To huge organizations doing primary cycles and tasks somewhat through. The most suitable mechanical answers for their business.Covid-19 has allowed technical services, system and data center support. Infrastructure, and server availability to be the fundamental piece of the mechanisms for business continuity and social continuity.

What are the Main Technological Trends at the Moment?

Five great solutions will allow companies to continue operating while maintaining the productivity and collaboration of each of their workers. This even though it is remotely:

1.- Mobility and collaboration: Microsoft Office 365 offers a platform to work on your company documents from anywhere on any device, centralizing information and making it accessible with just an internet connection.

2.- Collaboration and continuity: Having an infrastructure that allows secure access to data is crucial for the need for remote work to be truly functional and productive and for companies to continue operating as usual.

3.- Security: Attacks on data systems are increasing. However. there are solutions to protect. Prevent and recover information with strengthened hardware solutions and data access systems in a secure and controlled manner (Dynet, HPE, wow)

4.- Computer Equipment: Provide employees with efficient and safe tools for computing (HP) and communication (Poly) that facilitate communication, access, and exchange of data and productivity.

5.- Digital platforms: Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 chat-based workspace designed to improve the communication and collaboration of company work teams, reinforcing the collaborative functions of the cloud platform, Office 365.

6.- Managed Services: The practical solution for companies to continue operating without being affected is the Interactive Computing Managed Services, which offer: maintenance of the IT infrastructure function 100% of the time; remote monitoring, in real-time, of networks, servers, computers, services, and applications; proactive solution of incidents and problems attended by certified experts.

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