‘Agent’ is a Telugu action-thriller film featuring Mammootty that is set to release on OTT platforms. ‘Agent’ was again released in theatres on April 28. From filmywap you get agent full movie in hindi dubbed download filmywap.

Mammootty is known for his hit films like “Christopher” and “Bheeshma Parvam” in recent years. While ‘Agent’ generated extraordinary buzz prior to its release, the film received mixed reviews from both critics and audiences. The film’s producer Anil Sunkara regretted not shooting with a bounded script.

Agent OTT release- When to watch

“Agent” is an action thriller, centring around the story of Ramakrishna, also known as Ricky, who aspires to become a RAW agent.

His life takes a turn when he meets with Colonel Mahadev, the head of RAW. Ricky is task with assuming the identity of a new agent and embarking on a mission to Budapest to apprehend a former RAW agent turn rogue, who established his criminal syndicate.

The film is scheduled to premiere on OTT on September 29. The film’s cast includes Mammootty, Akhil Akkineni, Dino Morea, Sakshi Vaidya and Vikramjeet Virk. ‘Agent’ is directed by Surender Reddy.

About ‘Agent’

Agent is ‘wild’. The lead character carries a certain ‘wildness’ within him. He’s just wild. W-I-L-D. I need you to register that he’s wild because, in Agent, the word ‘wild’ features some 37 times, ‘wildness’ a dozen times, and everybody including the hero’s mentor, girlfriend and the villain calls him ‘wild saala.’ Now, whatever you picture this lead character to be like, Akhil Akkineni will surpass that with his portrayal of the vexingly unidimensional Ramakrishna a.k.a Ricky, who comes across as a man-child struggling to come out of childhood spy fantasies; everything he does has a dash of explosive energy that’s push just enough to make the whole affair very annoying.

An ethical hacker operating on his own, Ricky hacks the system of Mahadev (Mammootty), the cold-blooded Chief of RAW who is nickname ‘The Devil’. When reprimanded, Ricky says he did it to impress Mahadev and to get himself recruit as a RAW agent since the agency rejected him thrice — those two interviewers who reject him might be the only smart people in this universe.

After some dilly-dallying, Mahadev caves in and sends him on a mission to stop evil mastermind The God (Dino Morea), an ex-RAW agent-turned-rogue and the current head of a criminal syndicate. What’s interesting is how the monikers of Mahadev and God juxtaposes the roles played by God and Devil. Mahadev is so stone-cold that he wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice a few agents for the sake of the mission, but he does it for ‘the greater good.’ Also, unlike in the Bible, it is the God here who has turned against his ‘father’, the Devil. But none of these ideas amounts to anything as these characters become the typical spy movie mentor/villain.

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