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Samsung Remote App Take a look at your Samsung TV remote. What an ugly, clumsy piece of plastic, isn’t it? It always seems to find its way into the crack in your couch or onto the floor, where it crumbles beyond repair. Luckily for you, there is an excellent solution for this. Check out this revolutionary remote app that’s free today.

Samsung Smart Tv Remote App

Our users frequently ask us for a great free Samsung Remote control app for Samsung smart TVs that could replace another lumpy piece of plastic. We recommend Samsung Remote for Samsung TVs.

Samsung Remote Universal Remote app for Samsung smart TVs provides full remote functionality. Easily control your channels, volume, menus, apps, and navigation. The best news is that you can download the app completely free from the iTunes App Store!

It is a free app with many free features like the trackpad, keyboard, and all other necessities like the factory remote. It was developed by Samsung Remote, a company whose portfolio contains several successful products that merge iOS devices with TVs.

We think it is a perfect replacement for the Samsung TV remote. Probably not, at least not yet! Read on, if you want to be convinced.

Samsung Remote Tv History

Did you know the first TV remote looked like a flashlight and a gun combined? It was called the Zenith Flash-Matic and was introduced in 1955.

Just a year later, Zenith introduced Space Command, a rectangular box with buttons, and it seems the design has remained unchanged.

That’s to add one more reason why we think remotes are a bit outdated and why even the best-known brands like Samsung could use a replacement!

Now let’s see why Samsung Remote is the Samsung TV remote replacement you’ve been looking for!

Samsung TV Remote app for iPhone and iPad

While Samsung Remote is known for the incredible quality of its products, from smartphones and smart TVs to washing machines and vacuum cleaners, the same cannot be said of its TV remote controls.

Having a remote control for your TV is essential. Samsung knows. However, their remote controls are not interchangeable. Although some devices, like the BN59-01199F, can run multiple TVs, most are only compatible with one model.

Then there’s One Remote and Samsung’s latest solar-powered: all-in-one remote controls. But the thing is that they are costly! Between 2 and 5 times more expensive than a lifetime subscription to ControlMeister (€26.99!).

At this price, however, they share the same disadvantages as the cheapest remotes: they’re easy to lose or damage. More on that later!

Another thing about Samsung remotes is that newer ones tend only to be compatible with models made after 2016 (and that’s not a given!). Before that, you need to search the internet for something that will work with your player.

Not all remote controls are available for free through SamsungParts, some are discontinued or out of stock, and you may need to purchase them through unofficial channels.

On the other hand, ControlMeister works with all Samsung TVs made after 2012; this means that many hours of research are saved for him. And it’s more or less plug-and-play (well, rather connect-and-play).

Replace Samsung Remote Control for Tv

Many bad things can happen to your Samsung Remote Control for Tv control. They’re all equally dull. Let’s list some:

  1. Lose your TV remote in a couch crevice.
  2. Your dog eats your remote control.
  3. You lose it and find it the day the new one arrives.
  4. Spill a drink on it and damage it beyond repair.
  5. The batteries are dead exactly when you want to watch your favourite display.

Oh, and can we talk about when you curled up on the couch with some finger food and a blanket to watch a movie, and the remote control was just an inch out of reach?

But what about the iPhone? If you’ve grabbed your remote control from the back of your couch, spilt your drink on it, and then watched your dog gobble it up, your smartphone was in your pocket the whole time!

Well, it can do everything your Samsung Remote Control for Tv  remote can do. In other words, as long as you have the Samsung Remote Control for Tv app installed, of course! But the thing is, you don’t need a remote control when you have an iPhone.

Additionally, an iPhone with a remote control app is a little too hard to bite, waterproof enough to survive a refreshing attack, and has a visible battery status. If you lose it, you can call it!

Enter iPhone keyboard on Samsung Remote

We were going to start with “Have you ever?” but that’s pretty nonsensical. We know that you are in this scenario. What scenario, you ask me? The disaster of typing with a Samsung TV remote, of development!

You identify exactly what we mean, don’t you? It’s like trying to send a text communication from one of those old cell phones but somehow 10 times worse.

Constant backtracking, ABC instead of QWERTZ, typos that take forever to correct – our thumbs and brain hurt just thinking about it!

The point is, you don’t have to. One option is a Bluetooth keyboard that can connect to a smart TV. But this is another device that needs to be ordered, paid for, serviced, and then turned on.

As a replacement for, you can download our free Samsung TV remote replacement app. It has a great engine that allows you to type like you usually would when texting or searching for something online—nothing more – just pure comfort.

Quick and easy installation Samsung Remote

All you need to do to get on track with ControlMeister is:

  1. Grab your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the App Store and type “ControlMeister”.
  3. Download and install the application
  4. Turn on the app and connect it to your TV Samsung Remote .

Make sure your iOS device and Samsung Smart TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or it won’t work!

Samsung Smart tv Remote Benefits

You can only enjoy your Samsung Smart tv Remote if you don’t break it, lose it, or damage it. And let’s expression it, some of them are flimsy and made of cheap plastic.

On the other hand, iPhones and iPads can be pretty durable, although they are certainly not without flaws. To extend the service life, you can buy additional accessories, such as protective glass or a hard case.

Well, people usually pay more attention to their smartphones than TV remotes – they are expensive, and repair costs are often as high as a new device.

As a replacement, installing a Samsung TV remote on your iPhone makes sense. He may stay with you longer. Well, it will all be limited to one device you will most likely carry around with you most of the time!

Can I download the Samsung TV remote control app for free?

Samsung Smart tv Remote  is a free remote control app for Samsung TVs. But to take full advantage of all the features, we recommend trying the Pro version. Check out the paid version FREE for seven days.

The app offers three paid plans:

Let’s talk a little more about the life project:

The lifetime plan means that you will have unlimited access to the Samsung Remote Pro version. That means having a replacement remote for any Samsung TV as long as Samsung keeps making TVs and Apple keeps making iPhones.

Tip: Check out the Family Sharing plan for ControlMeister. So your family, group of friends or roommates can use the app at the same time.

Find A Replacement Remote For The Samsung Universal Remote.

Buy a replacement remote

You can search for the specific Remote with your TV or projector or buy an inexpensive alternative.

Buy the included remote

Remotes are not traded on they are available on our spare parts website There are many models of remotes, but you can find the one that came with your TV/projector by looking for the model number and then scrolling down the list until you see the Remote.

If you need help finding your model amount, you can use the model number tool on our support site or check out our TV model number guide.

Buy Another Remote

The price of remotes may vary by model; however, our IR remotes work with all our TVs and projectors. In other words, you can select any IR remote you like, and it will work even if your model is not listed as well-matched with that Remote.

For this reason, we recommend the BN59-01301A Samsung Remote replacement for the remote control. It’s one of the newer and cheaper models (around $15 at and offers basic functionality if that’s all you need.

Buy a universal remote

Most universal remotes will also work with your Samsung Remote TV or projector, like the ones you can find on Amazon, or maybe even the remote that came with your cable or satellite box. If you buy a universal remote, ensure it is compatible with Samsung before buying.

Smart TV  One Remote Samsung Smart tv Remote US

Whether a game console or a Blu-ray player, Samsung One Remote gives you one-click control. Once the TV make out your device, you can switch from streaming to gaming and more without having to rely on a bunch of remote controls.

Apps are just a click away

Your favorite content providers like Netflix and Prime Video have dedicated buttons on the One Remote for instant access to entertainment.1

Your Samsung Smart TV will instantly recognize your phone and automatically retrieve your network settings and Samsung Remote account information. All you take to do is add your favorite apps to Smart Hub, and you’re done.

Don’t guess, I know everything

Auto-detection works behind the scenes to make your experience smooth. Just connect your devices to your TV or One Connect, and you’ll see the icon on your screen, so you know exactly which device you choose.2

Does the Samsung TV remote control work on any Samsung TV?

Remote control prices vary by model; However, our IR Samsung Remote controls work with all our TVs and projectors. In other words, you can select any IR remote that will work even if your model is not listed as compatible with this Remote.

Can I use my phone as a Samsung TV Remote Control?

Samsung Remote Routine SmartThings to turn your phone into a remote control for your TV or projector. Note. Your TV or projector should already be added as a device to SmartThings. Not built up the SmartThings app on your mobile and tap Menu. Click All Devices, then select your TV/Projector.

How do I Control Samsung 7 series Remote?

All Samsung TVs have a TV control button that allows you to turn on the TV, change the volume, and change the input source. Most TV models also give you access to the Smart Hub, menus and settings.

BN59-01315D Remote control replacement

Samsung 7 series Remote RU7100 4K UHD TV UA43RU7100 UA49RU7100 UA50RU7100 UA55RU7100 UA75RU7100 UA43RU7100W UA50RU7 7100W.

Product Details

Compatible devices TV
connectivity technology infrared
max range 10 meters
Number of batteries 2 AAA (Type of battery required)
battery description AAA

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the USA. Power outlets and voltage differ internationally. This product may require an device or converter to be used at its destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

Samsung Remote Control App

Samsung Remote is the best free Samsung TV Distant app for iPhones and iPad. You no extended have to worry about lost or awkward remote controls. Check out this revolutionary iOS app today!


Control your Samsung Smart TV with motions from your iPhone and iPad. ControlMeister is compatible with the latest Samsung Smart TVs. Everything for free, including premium features!


Using the on-screen keyboard, you can easily install, remove, and use apps on your Samsung Smart TV. It also works in the search option, which is excellent when using apps like YouTube.


Use the touchpad and controls to control the TV’s web browser, apps, and set menu settings. No more fumbling with tiny buttons with your factory remote.

Control the cursor with your finger using the touchpad. Control channels, volume, seek and more with the swipe of a finger.

All The Remote Inputs You Need

samsung 7 series remote Universal Remote Control App for [Samsung] Smart TVs suggestions full remote functionality. Easily control your channels, volume, menus, apps, and direction finding. The best news is that you can download the Samsung TV Samsung Remote control app from the iTunes App Store for free!

Navigating has never been so easy

Regulator the cursor on your Samsung TV with your finger using the touchpad. Use signs on your iPhone or iPad to control the TV’s web browser. Swipe gestures do. Change the volume and channel while looking at the TV screen!

Improve Your Looking Experience

Use a keyboard on your Samsung Smart TV so you don’t have to roll through letters when navigating through the menu or apps. The keyboard automatically appears when needed, so you don’t have to worry about it. You can focus on your TV show, app, or game.

Easily access your favorite apps

Samsung Smart Tv Control is the best free iPhone and iPod [remote for Samsung] TV to navigate your favorite apps. Save time and type text in the web browser or other applications. samsung 7 series remote Accessing movies, music, and games just got a whole lot easier!


Samsung Remote Control is a remote replacement app for your [Samsung] TV. Its use is practical thanks to the keyboard and the trackpad. It’s almost impossible to lose it because it’s tied to your iPhone or iPad.

It easily connects and works with all Samsung TVs released after 2012. And if you get a new iOS device, you can reinstall ControlMeister!

All these benefits and features make ControlMeister a fantastic remote control app for [Samsung] TVs.

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