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The first registered lotteries offering tickets with cash prizes for sale were held in the Netherlands in the 15th century. Various cities held public lotteries to raise money for city fortifications and to help the poor. The city archives of Ghent, Utrecht and Bruges indicate that lotteries may be even older. A record from May 9, 1445 in L’Ecluse refers to raising funds for the building of city walls and fortifications with a lottery of 4,304 tickets for a total prize of 1,737 florins (of a value of about $170,000 in 2014). In the 17th century in the Netherlands it was quite common to organize lotteries to raise money for the poor or to raise funds for a variety of public causes.

Lotteries proved very popular and were call to as a painless form of taxation. The Staatsloterij, owned by the Dutch state, is the oldest running lottery (1726). The English word lottery derives from the Dutch name “lot”, which means “destiny”.

The first recorded Italian lottery was held in Milan on January 9, 1449, organized by the Golden Ambrosian Republic to fund the war against the Republic of Venice. However, in Genoa, Loto became very popular. People bet on the names of the members of the Grand Council drawn by lot, five candidates out of ninety every six months. This type of game was called lotto or semenaiu. As people wanted to bet more than twice a year, they began replacing the names of participants with numbers, and the modern lottery was born, which modern legal lotteries and illegal gambling with numbers can trace their ancestors to.

Buy lottery with an honest website, lotto VIP, and win 1 million baht

If you buy lottery tickets, you must want to win the lottery. Want to receive an award? Buy a lottery online with an online lottery website. You must choose a website to buy good lottery tickets, pay for real, and pay the most expensive Lottery betting with Lotto VIP can give you more than playing the general lottery or even with other online lottery websites in general because the VIP lotto lottery website is the big boss, the capital is thick, so you dare only to buy lottery tickets. With Lotto Vip, win millions with jackpot prizes. Knowing this, you will play with the little ones. Why risk it?

lottorich good?

VIP lotto lottery website Has been regarded as the favourite of lottery players for a long time. The fairest, most Honest to customers, 24 hours care, online lottery friendly like a relative more than darling

Lottery website VIP lotto It is the most comprehensive lotto lottery website. You can play all types of lottery, whether it is the Thai government lottery, Hanoi lottery, underground lottery, Hanoi lottery, VIP lottery, Yi Ki lottery, foreign stock lottery, Thai stock market lottery and many other fun games. So you don’t have to win just a lottery or government lottery every 1st and 16th day because we have different types of lottery for you to play every day, many times a day. You can apply for free without having to deposit. Lottery stick website lotto rich, besides having fun,  also allows you to get rich faster and easier because the website of betting, lottery, lotto, and VIP, we provide the highest payout rate to players. Along with many promotions and big prizes

Suppose you have ever bet on the lottery with other owners and are unsatisfied. You try to play with us and won’t want to run away because we are the lottery website that gives the best price. The most comprehensive There are both great lottery formulas, and famous teachers come to provide lottery analysis services. Help facilitate players like you. You can check lottery results online No need to buy the same number anymore. You don’t have to sit and calculate the prize money because we figure it out ourselves.

In today’s era, where money is hard to find, why pay for the water bill for a small lottery table? Now everyone has turned to playing the online lottery. It is an exciting way to earn money online in the present era.

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What is loading lottorich Is it good, and what are the advantages?

Lotto VIP is the leading website to buy lottery best in Thailand now. You can buy any lottery you want. Bet online lottorich anywhere, anytime. The minimum deposit is only 20 baht. The minimum withdrawal is 100 baht, play is only 1 baht per time, maximum payout price is 900 baht. Easy to apply, only 5 minutes.

When you buy lottery tickets with lottovip, you will receive special privileges that you can’t find when playing with other players. as follows:
1.) Lottery website, lotto VIP is a website that pays high and best prizes
2.) website to buy lottery and lotto VIP There is a payout of 1,000,000 baht for the primary day and regular promotions. It makes you rich easier when playing with us
. 3.) Lottery betting website that is easy to use, everyone understands, and everyone can play.
4.) No more questions about whether lottovip pays because we have been serving customers for many years. More than a million members and how to pay.  When winning the lottery with us, You can withdraw money to the bank that is tied to it. You need to link your bank account to your username.
5.) VIP lotto web. There is no way to deceive or cheat customers. Everything has a support system. Customers can view lottery betting history. If in doubt, you can ask the staff immediately.
6.) When betting with the VIP lottery after the lottery has been released. We will notify you of the prize immediately. We are not checking to check the lottery itself, Which may cause errors.
7.) Buy all lottery tickets online, unlimited. And buy in time because each purchase doesn’t take long.
8.) Can link multiple bank accounts under the same name. Make it convenient when depositing and withdrawing. If there is an error in depositing and withdrawing, we have a support team willing to help you 24 hours a day.

LOTTOVIP bet Thai government lottery with Lotto VIP

The Thai government lottery is a lottery that Thai people have been familiar with for a long time. The history of the Thai lottery is to take the results of the government lottery or lotteries. Lottorich Let’s play guessing as a lottery again. You can inform the lottery dealer without having to buy lottery tickets and want to buy any lottery numbers. In the past, government lottery tickets were issued by the Thai government. The draw is given on the 1st and 16th of every month. Buy government lottery online with us. You will receive 900 baht. Our VIP lotto website pays the highest. Buy three lottery numbers on the highest pay 900 baht per 2 baht. Buy two lottery tickets on the highest payout of 90 baht per baht. Total bets 24 hours a day.

lottovip online lottery

The VIP lotto website also offers Thai stock lottery betting services. To give lottery bookmakers a chance to gamble more often by betting online lottovip, the Thai stock market lottery is based on numbers from the stock market or the stock market. Playable on open market days, Monday to Friday. You can play four rounds per 1 day, which is
Thai stock lottery can play four rounds per 1 day as follows:
– Morning opening round (Morning Thai stocks) Stock lottery using numbers from the stock exchange that opened for trading in the morning
– Early closing round (stocks Thai noon) Stock lottery using numbers from the stock exchange that closed in the morning
-Opening in the afternoon (Thai evening) Stock lottery using numbers from the stock exchange that open for trading in the afternoon -Close
In the afternoon (Thai evening stocks), Stock lottery: Use numbers from stock exchanges that close trading for the day.

Website to buy foreign stock lottery

We also have a stock lottery from around the world to serve you. You can choose to bet on the stock lottery, two numbers and three numbers. Both Thai and foreign stock lotteries can be played every Monday to Friday or until Saturday if there is an overlap during the timezone, which will mainly hold the time in Thailand
The stock Lottorich that we have for service is:
-Korean stock lottery, afternoon round
-British stock lottery, late-night round
-German stock lottery, late night round -German
stock lottery, late-night round
-Egyptian stock lottery, an evening round
– Russian stock lottery, late-night round
– Indian stock lottery, an evening round
– Singapore stock Lottorich, afternoon round
– Lottery Taiwan Stocks Afternoon Round
– Chinese Stock Lottery Morning Round – Afternoon Round
– American down payment lottery, afternoon round
– Hang Seng stock lottery, morning round, afternoon round
– Nikkei stock lottery, morning round, afternoon round

Bet on the Yi Ki Lottery or the Yi Ki Lottery Ping Pong Lottery with Lotto VIP

Yi Kee lottery is very fun. But the web will also issue prizes by allowing players to issue dividends. Make it relatively neutral from participating in the play itself. Players must enter numbers into the system. Our website is open for playing the Yi Ki lottery online daily.

Buy Hanoi Lottery Online with Lotto VIP

The best website to buy the Hanoi lottery. No crash. Many Thai people are familiar with the Thai lottery. Government lottery for a long time, But when you wait to win only twice a month, on the 1st and 16th of every month, life seems too bland. That has to win every day. The Hanoi Lottery is released every Monday to Sunday, every 1st to 31st month. According to Thailand time, Hanoi Lottery prizes will be issued at 6:30 pm.

Did the Hanoi lottery stop selling? The Hanoi Lottery will only stop drawing distinctions during the Chinese New Year. Online lottery, if anyone is interested in winning the lottery every day, try it. You can buy the Hanoi lottery with our lottovip website. We have 4 Hanoi Lottorich numbers, only 120 baht per set. It is considered very worthwhile. One collection can win up to 6 prizes. See the Hanoi lottery results.

Buy Laos Lottery Online with Lotto VIP

We are the Laos lottery website, a set of 4 that pays the most prizes.
Lotto rich Laos lottery is a popular lottery for Thai people to play at the top. Disseminating from Isan and Lao people Until now famous all over Thailand, people who buy lottery tickets already know and used to buy Laos lottery online, online Laos lottery website of You will be able to play the Laos lottery four times a month. The Laos lottery will be released once a week on Wednesday. Choose to buy the Laos lottery, either two numbers, three or 4 Lao lottery numbers. Lotto VIP has a service. Sell Laos lottery online set for only 120 baht
, invites you to join the Facebook group  lottorich, a public group
, Laos lottery, win up to 6 prizes, limited to 1 bonus per set. Closed for Laos lottery betting at 8:00 pm (Wednesday, time in Thailand)
Open for online Laos lottery betting 24 hours a day, according to standard Laos lottery time
Laos lottery prizes four numbers
, you will receive the highest prize when buying the Laos Lottorich with lottovip is considered a website to buy the Laos lottery. Therefore,  best in Thailand

How do Laos lottery results look lottovip?

How to view the results of the Lao lottery
Laos lottery example 6702, 4 consecutive numbers are 6702. If you buy 6702 like this, you are considered to have won the Laos lottery
, four big numbers are 6702, which can be issued alternately if you buy 6702,6720,7602,7620,6072,6027,6270, 6207. Like this, you win a Lao lottery prize,
Buy three consecutive numbers, which is 702. If you buy 702 like this, you win Laos lottery prizes.
Three big numbers are 702 if you buy 702,720,072,027,270,207. Like this, you win a Lao lottery prize
, the last two digits are 02. If you buy 02, you win a Lao lottery prize, but if you buy 20, you won’t win a prize.
The front two are 67. And also, If you buy 67, you win the Lao lottery, but if you buy 76 like this not reward.

lotto rich website, a giant online lottery in Thailand, pays up to 900 baht per baht, plus bonuses and millions of free JackPot bets.

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