Many people like slot machines because they are easy to play, while other beginners prefer roulette, which is just so simple to understand. Whichever casino game you decide to play, read all the rules about the game before you wager any money, including how the payouts work.

casino games are able to bring some kind of winnings, or, if the person is lucky, some games can bring a jackpot or a life-changing win, not all games are considered well-paying in regular terms when the player bets and wins in an average manner.

The key criteria for higher-paying games include:

  • RTP rate
  • volatility levels
  • bonus features

These criteria are not always applicable to all game types, but let’s look at how they work in one of the most popular game types – slots.

RTP rate is the Coming back To Player rate that shows how much of the money invested the player can theoretically return if they play the game long enough. The RTP rates are indicated in percents; the higher the RTP rate the more well-paying the game is.

The volatility level shows the correlation between the size and frequency of wins. Low volatility means low wins but higher frequency; high volatility promises bigger wins but lower frequency.

Bonus features generally increase the dynamics of the games and the winning odds; the more bonus features the better.

Games Available With Minimum Deposit

If the player makes a small deposit to the online casino, it means they will have on their balance from $1 to $10. If you think about what bets can you make with $1 in your pocket, think again. The majority of slots allow minimum bets as low as $0,1 or $0,2. Therefore, $1 on balance means from 5 to 10 bets, and if the game has low volatility and plenty of bonus features, the player has a high chance of winning more and then go on betting as usual.

The same story with other games; basically, if a game allows a small bet size, it fits for minimum deps. These games include:

  • slots
  • scratch cards
  • video poker
  • bingo
  • keno
  • lotteries

Table games are not recommended for low deps, because even if the minimum allowed bet size is small, many table games have rules that may work against the player if the player lack budget.

Another answer to the question “what games are available for low deposits” is “it depends on the casino site”. Some casinos limit customers with small deps to a certain list of games, and this is not a very advantageous gambling condition.

Where’s the Ball Cheats

These days, scammers use a variety of tricks to trick the participant. For example, some of the called pokhlupaci (cups) are objects made of leather. This allows the ball to picked up along with the makeshift cup, with the player thinking they have not guessed where the ball is. Of course, there are other insidious ways to cheat.

More skilled crooks can always move the ball from one cup to another. They do this so fast that no one can catch them. They can even hide the small ball without seen.  Therefore, avoiding this type of gambling is better if you do not want to lose your money. Still, it was good to warn you so you don’t slip up playing the game.

What is Maa Jong?

The Chinese gambling game Maa Jong is very popular and enjoys a large number of fans. Maa Jong involves four players playing at a table with different blocks. The game requires calculation skills, strategic approaches and last but not least, a lot of luck. More about this Asian game, its rules and everything interesting about it, read below.

How to play Mahjong?

Mahjong is a popular Chinese game plays with blocks. Like many popular games, Mahjong has many variations, from the Chinese main wind system to American Mahjongg with unique bingo-like scoring cards.

The main game has 136 tiles, including 36 characters, 36 wickers, and 36 circles, which are the suits. These, in turn, divided into four groups of numbers from 1 to 9 in each suit. There are also 16 wind And tiles and 12 flying dragon tiles. Many sets also include eight bonus slates with four plants and four seasons, but these not wanted in the main game.

The object of the game is to get Mahjong, which consists of collecting all your 14 tiles in four sets and one pair. A pair is two identical tiles. A set can be either a “pung”, three identical tiles, or a “chow”, a series of three consecutive numbers in the same suit. A tile cannot used in two sets at once.

Is Mahjong difficult?

At first glance, the game seems very difficult. But if you practice it and learn the complete rules, you will not find it difficult. However, we warn you that you must have good math skills because some calculations will required. As time progresses, you will master the main objective and able to play without worrying. Of course, you need to take some free time.

Is Mahjong available online?

Yes, quite a few casino game sites offer you to play Mahjong. On the Internet you can find a free demo version of the game. With the help of which you will learn the rules and have fun. Some online casinos can also offer real money Mahjong bets.

We are expecting you! The truth is that the Chinese game is not one of the most popular in Europe. But it does have its supporters. We decides to inform you, what is Maa Jong, since many of you interested in this exciting title. We end with wishes for a successful game and hope we were able to be of help to you. Don’t forget to come back to us to discover. More information about the most interesting games in different parts of the world.