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How to Routine Discord on PS4 and PS5

How to Routine Discord on PS4 and PS5

How to Routine Discord on PS4 and PS5 – Discord is compatible with many platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc. But did you know that you can also use Discord on PS4 and PS5?

The PlayStation platform has a Discord-like feature called “Party Chat”, which supports group calls. However, it still lacks features like screen sharing and game activity.

But, unfortunately, these consoles don’t support Discord by default. While on PS4, a little workaround remained applied to install and use Discord by adding some particular devices and software tweaks.

It could change in the future as Sony announced Discord support for the PlayStation platform in a 2021 press release.

The release date will be sometime in early 2022, but for those who are more impatient, here’s how to install Discord on PS4.

Required to use Discord on PS4



How to Install Dissonance on PS4

But, It should give you basic Discord chat functionality on PlayStation. If you also want to use audio, read on.

Configure Discord PlayStation Audio – PS4 and PS5

Configure PlayStation for Discord Audio – PS4 and PS5

Can Discord be Used on PS5?

But, unfortunately, the above method does not work on PS5 as it does not have a web browser that can open the Discord website reliably.

However, you can use a small workaround to at least make Discord text chat available to PS5 users.

Here you can see how to send text messages using Discord on PS5:

So, as mentioned above, keep an eye out for any news from Sony regarding their Discord integration, as it is imminent.

Related Questions – PS4 and PS5

Is there an easier way to run Discord on PS4/PS5?

So, unfortunately not. But, you’ll have to wait for official Discord support to arrive in 2022 to use it as a PlayStation app.

Can I use Discord Audio on PS5 Using the Above Method?

You can try Discord Audio on PlayStation 5 with the settings above, but the lack of a web browser means it’s not as reliable to use as the PlayStation 4 version.

I have no Audio in my Headphones. How can I fix this?

However, ensure that the Mix Amp is connected to the PC using a 3.5mm male to male cable and that the output device to the port Mix Amp is linked.

If the audio issues persist, ensure your PlayStation audio settings are also set to the correct parameters shown above.

How do I share my PS4/5 on Discord?

But, you can use the Remote Play function on PS4/5 to stream video from PS4/5 to the computer. You can then share the screen of the Remote Play window from your computer to Discord.

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