devletödemeleri com. You can learn how to apply for 1300 – 1400 TL aid, state payments, stationery aid, student, bicycle holiday gift application form, black winter support, application conditions 2023, and family ministry child allowance details. Devletödemeleri com An application form has been opened for citizens who want to apply for 1300 TL – 1400 TL aid. You can benefit from this assistance for each child by applying via e-government.

Over the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the state will provide 1300 TL – 1400 TL aid to mothers who give birth, children who are studying, and families in need. Application details for applicants have also been announced.

devletödemeleri com 1300 TL – 1400 TL Aid Application families who want to apply for 1300 TL aid must have given birth since 2015. Applications for this social assistance, which can be applied by low-income people, can be applied through SASF. It is necessary to go to this SASF, that is, the Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation, located in the district governor’s office building, and fill out the application form.

Families born since 2015 will receive 300 TL for the first child, 400 TL for the second child, and 600 TL for the third child. Click here for detailed information about maternity assistance.

Government Payments Holiday Gift Bicycle Application Form

Within the scope of State Payments, holiday gifts will be distributed to students. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will give free bicycles to primary, secondary, and high school students. One hundred thousand bicycles to be distributed within the scope of the Sports Friendly City project will meet with children. In order to apply for a bicycle, an application must be made to the municipality. Then, the metropolitan municipality will send a message to your phone, and you will be able to go to the delivery point and pick up your bike.

The distribution of bicycles will not be limited to students. It will also be given to teachers, Imams and Municipality staff.

Application Form for Financial Aid Given by the State to Students

Students who want to fill out the application form for the financial aid given by the state to students should go to the social service centers of their province or to the district directorates of the Ministry of Family and Social Services in person. You should carefully read the form given to you here and fill it out according to yourself. Answering any question incorrectly may result in a damaging result on your application.

After you fill out the form, a text message will be guided to the mobile phone you specified within 30 days. This text message will tell you what you need to do if your application is approved.

If you complete all the specified procedures, the amount of the aid will be deposited into your bank account every two months. Students who do not establish a bank account can visit PTT branches and withdraw the aid amount.

What is SED Student Aid?

The question of what is SED student aid is often asked by citizens who are experiencing economic hardship due to various reasons. SED stands for Social and Economic Support.

The Ministry of Family and Social Services provides cash and in-kind assistance to families living below the neediness line thanks to the SED service. In order to benefit from this assistance, citizens must apply using the proper channels.

SED student aid is a type of social assistance given to children from needy families who are studying. This aid, which is made every month to the citizens whose applications are approved, is provided in the form of cash and can be withdrawn from PTT branches. The amount of the aid may vary depending on the neediness of the family and the education level of the student.

Government Payments Stationery Allowance

Within the scope of State Payments Stationery aid, students will be given 1400 TL stationery support. Applications will be made online. Children from families in need will benefit from the aid. Students attending primary, secondary, high school, and university education will benefit. To apply, log in to the e-government and, type SOCIAL ASSISTANCE APPLICATION SERVICE in the search section and make your application. You can write that you want to get stationery help in the description section.

Does SED Aid Lie Every Month?

If we come to the answer to the question of whether SED student aid is paid every month, we can say that SED aid is given every month. Between the 13th and 15th of the month, these amounts are deposited into the family’s account. However, temporary assistance can be made up to 2 times during the year. Temporary benefits can be received every month for the specified period.

Whether you will be given temporary or temporary assistance may vary depending on your neediness. For more information and to find answers to your questions, you can call ALO 144 from your mobile phone.

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